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Botox Cosmetic temporarily relaxes muscles that cause facial lines and wrinkles. Also used to treat migraines, sweating, and other conditions. LEARN MORE ›
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I had botox treatment in my forhead, crowsfeet and in between eyebrows. suprise for husband in iraq and honeymoon.pros..wrinkles gonecons...right eye completely closed. totally paralizedhow long do you think this will last? and is it possible that my closed eye only got a little and that it... READ MORE

The only con is the droopy lid. I hate it that I spent so much money and can't enjoy any of the benefits of the botox because my eye looks so awful. How long does droopy eyelid last? I had a very small amount of Botox injected. I have read it a hundred times since I had my botox... READ MORE

I had a botox 2 weeks ago, my eye is small, I cant see the sun, get tired easy, like paralyzed, droopy. Im desperete, how long I have to be like this to get better, what happening after botox? what I should do? there is anything I can use? I did this to look better.is possible to get better just... READ MORE

I'm 28 years old and have had an increasingly deepening frown line between my eyebrows since I was 20 or 21. (My mother had a similar wrinkle in the same place at a young age.) Here is a video of my latest Botox injections, which was not painful at all because I requested the doctors use... READ MORE

This is the first time I had been for botox and took the plunge after seeing the results on a friend. The experience wasn't at all as scary as I imagined (and I am NOT a fan of needles) as the nurse kept me calm and took into consideration my nerves. It was also not as painful as I imagined!... READ MORE

I quit smoking two years ago at the age of 36. I knew I wanted to treat myself to some kind of facial rejuvenation as I had smoked for nearly 20 years and the effects were noticeable on my face. I think I waited so long because 1) I wanted to make sure I didn't fall off the non-smoking wagon and... READ MORE

I had my first botox treatment in both masseters for moderate bruxism in March, followed by a top up two weeks later. I felt relief from teeth grinding as soon as the botox took effect. I didn't really notice at the time, but my massters also reduced in size (looking back on photos). At the end... READ MORE

I wanted to turn back the hands of time. Can't afford and scared of facelifts so settled for Botox, Radiesse and Juvederm. Dr. Quatela is very knowledgeable, kind, reassuring and gave me his opinion on what would work best for me. We settled on Botox and a Radiesse/Juvederm package to "get my... READ MORE

Dr. Nayak was recommended to me by someone i knew years ago when i wanted Botox & fillers. i did not know anything about these procedures, much less how to find the best surgeon to do them. at the time, i was young & stupid & probably would have gone to anyone without thinking anything of it,... READ MORE

I never will considering this procedures but I was tired to see my makeup ruin and at 46 years old I can see my wrinkles progression so I just did it and so far its worth every penny! It didn't hurt at all at no bruises . Today I can see the difference and its a second day so I can't wait... READ MORE

I came for botox because at 41 I feel like I look older than I am. Maybe it's genetics or maybe it's all the sun I took in when I was younger. But I decided I needed to do something about it that wasn't invasive, too expensive and something I knew worked. I was so incredibly with the doctors... READ MORE

I have always had lip injections done... I will post about those in the subject area..and decided to get Botox in 6/2013. I have been getting it about 3 to 4 months. I love the way it gets rid of my crows feet, now it makes my eyebrows higher, I live the way I have no lines on my forehead. I... READ MORE

I had procedures with Dr. Cho to reduce my masseter muscles twice, the first time was with Botox and went well but the second time I was convinced by the head nurse there, Heather, to try dysport and treatment was completely ineffective. My guess is that Dr. Cho used the wrong kind of needle... READ MORE

My 62 birthday was 2 weeks away. I had just had my lip lines Juverdermed and now just needed my frown lines to diminish...wanted to look pretty and refreshed for an awesome summer. I had exciting events planned and was so looking forward to it. So the $$$ invested hurt a lot; but it was... READ MORE

It is bad enough reaching your 50's and looking in the mirror and wondering who is staring back at you, but I am in the position of having been seriously ill after being diagnosed with an auto-immune. It has taken me almost five years to get back on my feet again .... But now is the time to... READ MORE

After years, and I do, literally, mean years, of asking around - to numerous/various specialists about botox treatment for masseter muscle problems (I clench my jaw at night and have tmj/masseter hypertrophy) , Dr. Schlecter was the only person who had even heard of it and was willing to do it.... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation November 1st (see separate review) and received 20 units of Botox courtesy of Allergan. I was excited - but nervous! - for my first treatment. I told Dr Vennemeyer that I wanted to go ahead and have the deep wrinkles in my forehead and my crow's feet done as well as... READ MORE

When I first went to Dr. Colgrove regarding reducing the effects of sun damage and aging, I was VERY apprehensive. I have never had any procedures performed. The staff was very polite, professional, and courteous. After a through exam, Dr. Colgrove discussed in detail what procedure would... READ MORE

I've posted a few reviews on RealSelf, but never for Botox, which was the first procedure I ever had. I'm a male, 49, and work in the entertainment industry, which is very youth-oriented. Most of my clients are younger than me and I try to look "good for my age" rather than younger. I've seen... READ MORE

I am writing this for other women because I wish I had known more about all the bad side effects before getting botox. I'm 36 and have several friends who had it done and loved the results so I thought I would try it. I was never told about any potential bad side effects by the doctor, and... READ MORE

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