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WORTH IT RATING based on 1,327 reviews
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Botox Cosmetic temporarily relaxes muscles that cause facial lines and wrinkles. Also used to treat migraines, sweating, and other conditions. LEARN MORE ›
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Last week I went for some Botox injection between my eyebrows and my crows-feet, after couple of hours around each needle point started swelling and at night time I had two completely red eyes that I couldn't even open and extremely swollen, I ended up going to emergency room at mid night and... READ MORE

Hi I was 38 years old, just wanted to 'refresh' my look so decided to get botox. I really had no noticable wrinkles but could see the start of some and a friend was going so thought why no do some 'preventative' botox . I got it done at a dr's office in Vancouver in June of 2012...5 days later... READ MORE

I have always had a slightly longer distance between my nose and mouth. I expressed this concern to my doctor. I asked if there was a procedure that shortened the distance or a filler that would lift. He said botox would do that. He injected right under my nose (right side). The nightmare began... READ MORE

I visited Dr. Hughes for a botox consult and was quite nervous upon arrival.  I had no problem making an appointment, the staff was very helpful.  I was able to schedule it for after work which helped tremendously.  Everything was explained to me from start to finish including all the... READ MORE

I made an appointment to deal with a vein in my nose and sun damaged skin. The esthetician and I agreed on the CO2 procedure to be done during the Christmas holiday several months away. In passing the topic of Botox came up and I said it has never worked for me. I had tried 2 times before with... READ MORE

It has been 31/2 years since I was injected. 2 surgeries after ( lower blepharoplasty with canthopexy after 1 year and suture of the muscle on the bone under my right eyelid after the second year) + fat graft on that muscle because the muscle was so atrophied that there was no fat on top of it (... READ MORE

Botox was given in the Glabella. Dr. Weniger uses small insulin syringes (31G) needles so very painless. Dr. Weniger's Surgical Assistants (Sarah and Jessica) are the best with me every time I have had my Botox done. Im very pleased with my results and look forward to seeing Dr. Weniger and his... READ MORE

I've had this done multiple times over the past couple of years to contour the jawline. I have a pretty significant case of TMJ, and over the years it had taken a toll on my teeth (being worn down) and my face. My face always looked swollen and puffy regardless of what I weighed. ... READ MORE

I've had amazing results with Botox at Southeastern Dermatology Consultants. Crows feet around my eyes have disappeared! I've been other places (cosmetic spa) and the results were not good. I didn't get the quality of care and concern that I had received at Dr. Doppelt's. I will definitely be... READ MORE

I had been reading about Botox for a few months now and I decided to go for a consultation. I am only 27 but work long shifts and overnight so I have been watching a crease form between my brows. I didn't want my face to be frozen so I made that very clear, I am also an orthopedic specialist so... READ MORE

First i have to start by saying i was not sure about getting botox but am so very glad i did,It was my first time and Doctor put me at ease. He was extremely kind and very charming and made me feel very comfortable too,he answered all of my questions and i have to say the nerves i felt walking... READ MORE

I have always had a deep crease between my eyebrows and did not like it. I was extremely happy after my first treatment. Most of my friends told me I looked rested not knowing I had the procedure. I've returned now 3 times to maintain over the last few years and I continue be happy with the results. READ MORE

Dr. Kennedy and his staff, Karri , were awesome. I am 44 never had botox or juvederm before. They suggested only a small amount - did not try to overdo or oversell. I had botox for between eyes and downturned mouth. Juvederm to fill in downturned mouth. My face now looks natural instead of... READ MORE

I have had botox over the years around my eyes. My Dr. or his nurse practitioner does the injections. They are not too bad; a little bit painful but definitely tolerable. There is really not much to it. I had Dysport one time in San Francisco with no noticeable results though, so I stick to... READ MORE

For as long as I can remember, I have hated my chin. Sounds vain, I know, but ever since I was little, I've had "Peau D'orange," a severe dimpling in my chin that showed whenever I closed my lips (including when speaking). I've always been so self-conscious about it, and there were times it... READ MORE

Three little sticks with a very fine needle and the wrinkles between my brows are gone for months and months. Really, it's less painful than a manicure. I also have laugh lines around the outer eye and upper cheek area, but I kinda like those. I don't like the frown lines, so these are the... READ MORE

I have had injectable fillers done since the mid 90s and have always been pleased with the results. But this last month I went to a renowned New York plastic surgeon (who also practices monthly in Santa Rosa CA where he saw me), who not only suggested fillers but Botox as well. It was the... READ MORE

I had cosmetic botox to minimize the wrinkles on my forehead and in between my eyes. It was not painful and I didn't experience any negative side effects. It was well worth my time and money. I love that there is still movement in the treated areas and my facial expressions were not affected.... READ MORE

I have deep lines on my forehead and nose, and was told by the doctor that botox would get rid of them. 2 weeks and a lot of money later and I saw no difference on my face. He then injected filling which smoothed it out, but did not get rid of them. I was charged twice for procedures that did... READ MORE

After seeing Dr. Kolstad for lip augmentation I became interested in trying Botox to soften forehead lines. Since this was my first experience with Botox I felt nervous as I have seen many people who have had Botox performed by other doctors and you know where they had it all injected (not the... READ MORE

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