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Botox Cosmetic temporarily relaxes muscles that cause facial lines and wrinkles. Also used to treat migraines, sweating, and other conditions. LEARN MORE ›
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I was thinking about botox for awhile, but was nervous about getting it because of the things I heard about it. I'm 54 and was starting to get noticable wrinkles in my forehead, crows feet area and upper lip. It made me look very tired. After speaking with the PA Elisa, I decided to do it,... READ MORE

I have had botox injections before from other doctors. I was not happy with the results, The procedure was very quick, and I did not get the lift in my brows that I wanted. When I went to Dr. Robert Kessler, he gave me injections in a different area of my eye which gave me the exact lift I... READ MORE

I've been working in the medical spa industry for almost a decade before finally deciding to invest in a botox treatment. I chose Dr. Alexander because of his extensive and specialized surgical training. Even though it is a minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Alexander's knowledge of facial... READ MORE

I went in for a liquid brow lift with botox on July 3rd 2013. By one week I knew something was wrong. One eye brow was completely unmoved while the other was "Slightly" lifted. After more research I came to find out Dr. Jonov injected botox into the very muscles that would have LIFTED my... READ MORE

I think botox is great in the right hands..I have always been very careful of who is the doctor and what they are injecting. I ask lots of questions and never go for a good offer. I have only ever changed my doctor because I changed country and I research everything I have ever had done. I... READ MORE

Dr. Liotta is excellent. She isn't pushy, knows how to get the best results with minimal procedures, and works with you! When I thought my botox could be tweaked a little on one side of my forehead, she gave me a follow up appointment immediately. She is also so, so sweet and warm. Highly recommend! READ MORE

Botox treatments with Dr. Sajjadian do not hurt at all! It is so nice to not dread getting Botox injections anymore. He uses the smallest needles possible. In the past I would bruise and look terrible for a week; not with Dr. Sajjadian- the Botox works right away and I have no bruising. ... READ MORE

I first got Botox in 2007-10 units between the eyes and 4 units each in crow's feet. I was 28 at the time, and although the 10 units between the eyes looked great, I never really got used to the difference in my smile from the botox in the crow's feet. Now-on to the side effects...Later... READ MORE

The line between my brows (my " 11's") made me look mad even when I wasn't. Botox made a massive change in just two days. The smoothness of my brow is beautiful. I had my first boyox ob 5/2. I just went back for more on 12/3. I was overdue but the lines nwver came back to the full extent... READ MORE

I got botox in my frown,23 units, but I still can frown like always. I am afraid they did the procedure right, I did it six days ago but I don't feel a little change, can I get a refund after I signed all agreement papers? What are your rights if it does't work and you are afraid to get more... READ MORE

First time for Botox. No bruising swelling or headaches. It looks great. The price of Botox depends on how many units you receive and how many areas I only did one very small area. I have some forehead wrinkles that are frown lines or anger lines in between eyes. My forehead looks smooths and... READ MORE

In search of an experienced injector of Botox, with both an eye for beauty and skill, I have found it all with Dr. Halaas. She is honest and listens to my aesthetic desires, explaining exactly what she plans to do and being honest about results and my own personal expectations for results and... READ MORE

When I turned Thirty, I looked in the mirror and decided to do something simple: Botox. I've been doing it ever since, about once per 6 months for my forehead (deep lines when brows raised) and crows feet. All of which have become deep resting lines, despite sunscreen and good skin care. Find a... READ MORE

I am about to turn 35 and decided to get Botox for the first time in hopes of giving my face a "fresher" look. My primary concern was with crow's feet and the beginning of some wrinkles on my forehead. The doctor explained to me that the Botox could help with both of those areas, but would not... READ MORE

I made my appointment for Botox (as well as for Juvederm) and saw one of the doctor's P.A.'s who answered ALL my questions before my treatment. She listened to all my concerns and had a wonderfully patient and warm disposition. The rest of the doctor's staff were great as well. We decided to... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Eviatar for Botox. I've been Botox for two years. I thought that I went to an experienced doctor. He never listened to what I suggested. He did what he wanted to do. A few days after the treatment I noticed that my eyebrows and eyelids had dropped. My eyes look hooded sad, and... READ MORE

I have been getting botox injections in my masseter muscles for jaw reduction about every 6 mos for the past four years. This is a relatively rarer indication for botox and finding clinicians that don't just know how to do this but are actual experts at it is still difficult. I had been... READ MORE

So, I've always wondered - what would it be like. In a weak moment I paid $560 and got it done on my forehead. Now I finally get it. It doesn't really change anything - it freezes the forehead from moving - why did this not resonate before? So, if I try to remember to not wrinkle my forehead and... READ MORE

I am 55 and received Botox for horizontal lines on forehead, crows feet and Botox for the 11 between my eyebrows. I went to Dr Thompson because he recommended by a friend of mine. Procedure was fairly quick, I did not have numbing cream, and it was completely bearable. The 11 is 100% better, my... READ MORE

Previously, I have had botox for the glabella/forehead area before. But I also was bothered by the "golf ball chin" and my wider jaw. I actually found him from the realself website where he wrote a response about botox being used for the jaw/chin. I decided to try it and he did a great job! ... READ MORE

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