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Botox is an injection that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent new lines from forming. Common injection sites include the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, and the sides of the chin. Botox can also be used for a wide variety of other conditions, including migraines, excessive sweating, and psoriasis. LEARN MORE ›

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I had Botox two weeks ago in my frown lines and forehead, I'm 26 but I had bad premature ageing in this area so decided to give Botox a try. I had 39 units, 25 in my frown lines and 14 in my forehead, the procedure took minutes and the pain was minimal. I had swelling around the... READ MORE

I had Botox injected about a month ago to even out the space between my right eye and eyebrow and it didn't do anything it actually lifted my left eyebrow when I needed my right eyebrow lifted. When I would raise my eyebrows my left one raise and my right wouldn't move.I called the dr's office... READ MORE

I had Botox injected around my eyes, forehead and mouth 3 or 4 times and was very, very happy; however, four months ago I had it done again and experienced smile paralysis. My doctor never told me that was a possibility. I trusted him as I knew him on a business level and not just a patient.I am... READ MORE

I had botox treatment in my forhead, crowsfeet and in between eyebrows. suprise for husband in iraq and honeymoon.pros..wrinkles gonecons...right eye completely closed. totally paralizedhow long do you think this will last? and is it possible that my closed eye only got a little and that it... READ MORE

The only con is the droopy lid. I hate it that I spent so much money and can't enjoy any of the benefits of the botox because my eye looks so awful. How long does droopy eyelid last? I had a very small amount of Botox injected. I have read it a hundred times since I had my botox... READ MORE

I had a botox 2 weeks ago, my eye is small, I cant see the sun, get tired easy, like paralyzed, droopy. Im desperete, how long I have to be like this to get better, what happening after botox? what I should do? there is anything I can use? I did this to look better.is possible to get better just... READ MORE

I'm 28 years old and have had an increasingly deepening frown line between my eyebrows since I was 20 or 21. (My mother had a similar wrinkle in the same place at a young age.) Here is a video of my latest Botox injections, which was not painful at all because I requested the doctors use... READ MORE

Went in for Botox, ended up getting 50 ml injected into my forehead, 11 lines and the crows feet. Absolutely loving my results I feel fresh faced and youthful like I should look at 26. It was fast easy and completely painless. Now 5 days later I'm seeing full results! Everyone keeps asking if I... READ MORE

I've been a patient in Dr. Romero's practice for several years now. I have always been pleased with all procedures done by him. He is compassionate and caring. Always prompt and very knowledgeable. I never feel "oversold". Staff always pleasant and very helpful. Easy location to find. You... READ MORE

I saw Dr for Botox injections. He was very very informative and explained everything he was going to do and why. He even explained to me how he stores his Botox! He spent a lot of time with me and wasn't in any hurry to get me on my way. He actually spent the time holding ice cubes on each spot... READ MORE

The staff are always welcoming and very courteous! They always make you feel at ease and answer all your questions, even the ones you think are stupid. They are very professional and experts of their field. I have always felt that I have recieved the most personilized care. They pay attention... READ MORE

Bruised a little but loved the outcome my face looked younger and smoother I felt beautiful and happy. I would recommend Dr Romero to my friends he truly is a great doctor. I also would get other procedures Juvederm etc his prices are better than anyone else's. If you have an appointment you... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Petropoulos for a consultation after having had a bad experience at a MediSpa location. Dr. Petropoulos and her team were amazing! I received more information than I expected and the issues I thought were sure to need surgery can all be addressed with non-surgical treatments. Dr.... READ MORE

Been getting Botox for the past 4 years and love the results . It makes me feel my best and now after seeing how much better I look and feel I wouldn't go without it ! One doctor in particular who is highly skilled and the best I have been to is. Dr. Romero. He is the best ! I always feel that I... READ MORE

I'm a sales representative and wanted Botox on forehead to get rid of lines. Very pleased with result. Will be returning in future. If you are tired of seeing lines around your eyes or forehead then Botox works great. What I like about Dr. Romeo is that he explains exactly why Botox was the... READ MORE

First of all Holly is amazing! The whole office staff is sweet kind and very flexible. Holly performed my md pen procedure.. And over a month later I still see the amazing effect. As far as ?Dr. Tachmes he is super nice, down to earth, professional and kind. He is an amazing doctor. The... READ MORE

I just had Botox for the first time 2 weeks ago. I was so nervous but Nikki Put my mind at ease. She is a wealth of information and instantly makes you feel safe and comfortable instantly. She spent time answering all my questions and even wrote everything down for me. I highly recommend her... READ MORE

Dr. Toyos is conservative and very much a perfectionist. I had her do botox on my forehead, frown lines, crows feet, and did for my first time EVER, Juvaderm in my lips. I LOVED IT! I can definitely see how some people get carried away with the Juvaderm bc I seriously loved it....but she kept... READ MORE

I had an unbelievably positive experience with Dr. Dhir and his awesome staff. From the moment I walked into his office on the day of my consultation, I was given nothing less than the absolute best. I was greeted right away and placed in a room with panoramic views of Beverly Hills. The office... READ MORE

Dr. Karan Dhir is amazing! I went to him for Botox and Juvederm and was very happy with the results. I felt as if I looked 10 years younger. In addition, Dr. Dhir is so kind and caring that he puts you at ease right away. I would highly recommend him and his very professional staff for all your... READ MORE

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