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Botox Cosmetic temporarily relaxes muscles that cause facial lines and wrinkles. Also used to treat migraines, sweating, and other conditions. LEARN MORE ›
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Dr Tarbet is thorough, practical, and extremely skillful, I will definitely be back when I need more botox, this worked well around my eyes, forehead, and even around my lips to take away those aging signs. I will likely do my lips with filler next time in addition. She really takes into... READ MORE

Went to Dr. Mikes open house and everyone was so nice and knowledgeable. Dr. Mike did a consolutation was honest and did not try to push me into anything drastic. In fact I was impressed with what his suggestions were. I thought there would be more! Today I'm starting my treatment. Will update... READ MORE

Works great! I've been getting botox for the past 5 years. Not only does it prevent any new wrinkles appearing but it also made all of my previous ones disappear. I feel like I look younger and younger every time i come out of the doctor's office! Would definitely recommend botox to... READ MORE

Well after checking out other people who have done it I was rather skeptical especially for a man. But I decided to do it anyway. I went to Dr A only because I knew people who have do this procedure at her office. Procedure did not take long considering I did only about 15 units for a first time... READ MORE

This is my first time posting and trying botox. I went in to get my forehead, crows feet and between my eyes. The first set of shots did nothing so two weeks later I went in and paid more for a touch up - still nothing. Do I call and bring this up again or just take it as a loss. It irks me... READ MORE

I had botox done a few times in the Milwaukee area, however was not exactly pleased with the out come for the cost. When I went to Las Vegas for a girls trip, I experienced the absolute best botox treatment, at a fraction of the cost that I paid locally in Milwaukee. The investigation began,... READ MORE

I've been getting Botox treatment for several years. I typically get 40 to 60 units at a time. The effects are dramatic and wear off gradually over 6 months. I buy a deal from Groupon, Amazon Local, or Living Social when available. Otherwise, my plastic surgeon's office charges only $10 per unit... READ MORE

I have had this treatment done four times. I do not have bad "elevens" between my eyebrows, but it helped by forehead wrinkles (which are huge) and the small wrinkles around my eyes. I did not find it painful. It was quick and easy. I do wish it lasted longer; I get about 4 months out of a... READ MORE

Went in to see a dermatologist to get a suspicious birth mark removed and ended up with Retinol and some Botox. So far, I absolutely love my experience with Botox and Retinol. Granted it's only been a week but already by skin has responded great with the Retinol and Botox. I still have some... READ MORE

Dr. Banta introduced me to Botox and it really worked for me. She made my first visit very convenient and comfortable. Her staff were friendly and answered all my questions. I was very impressed that Dr. Banta actually performed the procedure herself. Painless and back to work right after my... READ MORE

What a wonderful experience. I was extremely nervous since this was the first time I ever got a filler. I did not want to look unnatural but I did want to get rid of the lines which made me look older. Dr. Rowe was very understanding and took his time. After a couple a days at work everyone... READ MORE

I don't want to look my age. That's what motivates me. My eyelids were drooping and my crows feet seemed to get deeper. I knew I had to do something. My 40 year high school reunion was coming up and I started dating again. After discussing my options with Dr. Dhir, we decided to start with... READ MORE

Loved the results. I immediately looked refreshed. The lines of expression in my forehead and around my eyes disappeared. My eyebrow lifted looking less tired. My next procedure with Dr. Castaneda will be a mommy makeover with breast lift and implant replacement as well as tummy tuck and... READ MORE

I was looking more and more tired each time I looked in the mirror. I thought I might need eye surgery or a face lift, but Dr. Pazmino educated me about the benefits of Botox and other fillers. With just a few painless injections, the results have been stunning, literally making me look at... READ MORE

I will never go to anyone else but Dr. Siegel! he is gentle, and accurate! He knows what he's doing. I am a regular at his office every six months when i have to get the botox touched up. I love the results, and its very natural looking! There is NO wait time either! The botox procedure is... READ MORE

I wanted more of a crease in my upper eyelid. Went to Dr. Mary Herte for upper eyelid surgery consultation. She told me that my eyes were to small for surgery and that what I need was a brow lift. I am 32 years old and I really don't think I need one. Dr. Herte told me that she can give me... READ MORE

I've been a patient of Dr. Castellon and the Castellon Plastic Surgery Center for the past 2 years. I am always so happy with my results after Dr. Castellon injects me with Botox. He listens to my needs and addresses all my problem areas on my face. He has perfected my eye brow arches so they... READ MORE

I had just recently given birth to my fourth child. My kids kept asking why I always was so grouchy . I never understood why they always thought this until I looked in the mirror one day. I looked so angry! But truth was, I wasn't! It was my lines and wrinkles that left me looking old and... READ MORE

I am speaking to all those women who want to do Botox but have put it off. I was in that same bucket until recently. Just like you, I am sure that some where along the line you have heard a stories about how the Botox treatment would be like. The one I was mostly afraid of "the needle goes... READ MORE

I have been experiencing Dizziness, unbalanced feeling, brain fog, muscle twitches and insomnia since my 2 weeks after my botox. I found others on this forum with similar side effects. I am just hoping this goes away..I have had to spend money on ENT/ MRI already..nothing was found. Prior to... READ MORE

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