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Botox Cosmetic temporarily relaxes muscles that cause facial lines and wrinkles. Also used to treat migraines, sweating, and other conditions. LEARN MORE ›
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I have had Botox done ( as well as other fillers for my nasolabial folds ) twice in the past, and saw immediate and positive results afterwards. The last time I had Botox was in 2010. I had my third Botox 8 days ago, and I'm still questioning what I have noticed: 3 small, lumpy ridges above my... READ MORE

Dr. Wise is WONDERFUL !! I currently receive botox for embarrassing, excessive underarm sweating. I have tried many over the counter and RX products for years and nothing has ever helped me. Dr. Wise recommended botox for the sweating , but I was hesitant to try because I had received it in... READ MORE

I am a 37 year old female with two teenagers and noticed lines between my brows and crows feet over 2 years ago. It began to bother me b/c even when I was looking straight ahead or when I woke up I had deep indention's in between my brows. had Botox to correct/stop lines around my eyes... READ MORE

I am 45 and had a "1" between my brows and some lines across my forehead that bothered me. I elected to have the "nurse injector" at a reputable plastic surgeon's office inject 32 units of Botox into my forehead. 2 weeks later my brows are drooping so significantly that I look old, angry, evil... READ MORE

Dr. Bigelow and Valeries skills are absolutely excellent! They are like 'artist' (with skin)! Everyone from the front desk to the back are so professional as well as personable! and everyone does a great job explaining the procedures and expectant outcomes! The nurses are very knowledgeable and... READ MORE

I was impressed with Dr Carlos Castaneda's work, I've had botox with other doctors and my face didn't feel as smooth and flawless before, my forehead and under my eyes look perfect, he is very thorough, the procedure was fast and There was no bruising and very mild swelling, the front desk was... READ MORE

Dr. Ross did my botox couple of weeks ago and few days later my left eye lid started dropping. It is very noticeable and honestly very depressing. I called his office to see if there is anything I can do to correct this nightmare but they told me to wait a week and keep using Visine. I called... READ MORE

I received Botox injections to improve forehead wrinkling and prevent them from becoming more permanent. The procedure is quick and painless and a wonderful effect. The wrinkles were smoothed and my entire face looks much more youthful and rested. For the investment in time and money, Botox... READ MORE

I recently turned 40 and felt like I finally was starting to "look my age". I did A LOT of research about botox for my forehead and around my eyes. I was lucky to find Dr. Sachin Pawar! His priced were very fair and he did a fantastic job! The results were AWESOME! Dr. Pawar was very... READ MORE

It appeared like everyone around me was getting botox but I didn't feel comfortable on the idea of injecting toxins into my face. But with my lines showing more than ever after I hit my 40s, I thought it was time I take the risk. I found Dr. Ibrahimi online and began seeing him last year for... READ MORE

I had an evaluation at Ageless Asthetics and decided to try Botox. I was comfortable with my decision since I had heard such good thing about Dr. Jamie Walraven. She was so kind and gentle and I am so pleased with the results. She injected thirty units into my forehead and (11) region. I... READ MORE

I had a great visit. I felt comfortable and valued. Dr. Berman was professional and caring. He spent valuable time with me and wasn't in a hurry to rush off to the next patient. I have only visited a few times, yet he knew who I was and engaged me in conversation that made me feel important.... READ MORE

Big smile equals big smile lines- but not after a visit to Dr DeJoseph! In fact, this magician erases any and all signs of aging- without making you look fake at all. DeJoseph puts Botox in my forehead and around my eyes- Belotero in my smile lines, and Restylane under my eyes. I started this at... READ MORE

I had purchased a Living Social deal for Botox from Premier Cosmetic Center. If you think i'm just exagerating, feel free to write to me and I'll share my pictures with you. I went in for a botox Living Social deal 7/3/2013. Dr. Loessin came in, and was so caught up in reading his cell phone... READ MORE

I was introduced to Dr. Pearlman by a patient/friend of mine. As I am going on vacation I want to look my best, so I thought I would get some Botox & filler. Dr. Pearlman showed me before & after pictures, and my expectations of the procedure were in alignment with what I was shown. In addition... READ MORE

Since I had had Dr. Fryer do a CO2 lazer proceedure for me that I was very happy with, I decided to have him do some botox around my forehead and eyes. After about 5 days I had amazing results and felt like I looked several years younger. I was very please with this proceedure and would... READ MORE

I visited Dr Siragusa for a consultation about the dark brown spots on my face and deep wrinkles in my brow and forehead. I told him that I didn't want to do anything over the top and I just wanted to look my age. He made me feel very comfortable that the procedures he would suggest would look... READ MORE

Makes me look years younger!!! No wrinkles or frown lines on the forehead!! I would recommend to anyone that wants to look younger and feel great about their appearance. It doesn't hurt at all. No side effects and I could see a huge difference in a matter of days. Now all my friends and co... READ MORE

Dr Tarbet is thorough, practical, and extremely skillful, I will definitely be back when I need more botox, this worked well around my eyes, forehead, and even around my lips to take away those aging signs. I will likely do my lips with filler next time in addition. She really takes into... READ MORE

Went to Dr. Mikes open house and everyone was so nice and knowledgeable. Dr. Mike did a consolutation was honest and did not try to push me into anything drastic. In fact I was impressed with what his suggestions were. I thought there would be more! Today I'm starting my treatment. Will update... READ MORE

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