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WORTH IT RATING based on 1,358 reviews
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Botox Cosmetic temporarily relaxes muscles that cause facial lines and wrinkles. Also used to treat migraines, sweating, and other conditions. LEARN MORE ›
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First of all Dr Bustillo has zero people skills, he doesnt even try to be pleasant..I went to his office for botox injections on my forehead and I paid $ 600 for forehead and crows feet; and is been not even 2 months and my forehead is still moving the same way it was before the treatment..... READ MORE

I have an inflammatory condition, which affects my face and causes inflammatory feeling and redness. Ms. Gonzalez suggested Botox and started with a light dose. The procedure was quick, easy, and painless, the cost was very reasonable, and the outcome was excellent -- with no bruising or... READ MORE

I had frown lines between my eyes and lines across my forehead. I felt it made me look angry and older. I was very worried about getting Botox injections but now my forehead is smooth and natural looking. Dr. Laura Sudarsky was extremely warm, caring and patient with me. She listened to my... READ MORE

I was VERY disappointed with Dr. Gartner. I think he is probably doing what some amoral Doctors do- He over-diluted the Botox to where I had no effect. Then he blamed it on my face for being (a little plump) and saying that was the reason. He had the NERVE to charge me for a 2nd touch-up after... READ MORE

I searched for doctors in the area and came across the reviews for Dr. Andochick's office. I met with Dr. Andochick and his staff who were all amazing! They had a really great atmosphere in the office as well as everyone seemed really knowledgeable about cosmetic surgery. After a brief... READ MORE

I was on a tight budget, so I only had a minimal amount of Botox injected. 20 units between my eyes and 10 around each side. My frown lines have softened, and my crow's feet have been eliminated! I think my brow may have even been lifted slightly as a nice unexpected result! I am VERY pleased... READ MORE

I wanted to get Botox because I always looked angry and everyone would ask if I was cranky, even though I wasn't. I had 31 units for the whole area and I don't see a change at all. I actually think my forehead looks worse. Now when I raise my eyebrows I get deeper lines right above my brows. I... READ MORE

The practice is friendly and informative. Laura injected Dysport into my forehead and crows feet; I'm thrilled with the results. Her precision and accuracy were spot on! I did not feel a thing and the final result is very natural- all of my wrinkles have been reduced. I highly recommend Laura... READ MORE

Because I always make a furrowed brow expression, I began to develop deep lines between my eyes, making me look mad all the time. After one treatment of Botox, the muscle contraction settled and the deep lines have softened. I no longer have an "angry" look. I look very refreshed! Dr.... READ MORE

I had botox treatment on my forehead a few weeks ago. This was my first time doing any cosmetic procedure, so was not sure what to expect, except for what friends have said about their treatments. Dr. Schmidt explained risks, procedure and very logically. Staff was on time for appointment. In a... READ MORE

Botox has been a wonderful way for me to stay younger and happier looking. Having it done is easy, and I love the results ... I started developing horizontal lines in my forehead when I was in my thirties and even wore bansg for a while because I felt it was so unattractive. Now my forehead and... READ MORE

I went to see Mr Lambe about a line I had between my eyebrows that made me look like I was frowning even when I was quite happy. It was the first time I had ever had any treatment from him or anyone and I was quite nervous. After having a good chat and reading through the FAQs he had prepared... READ MORE

I was offered a free Botox treatment with the breast augmentation I received one year ago (the fabulous one done by Dr. Laverson, by the way). I finally decided to go for it! It was a great decision. I was so afraid of a "frozen" look or just not looking like myself. Dr. Laverson uses a... READ MORE

When I came to the doctor office I was very scared because despite knowing what I wanted, I was afraid of the results, but after a month I can say that the results are fabulous. I felt very confortabe with the doctor, he was very friendly and explicit with all the posible cosmetic facial... READ MORE

I have droopy eyelids and frown. My muscle on my forehead I could feel it being tense all the time. I had to focus on relaxing it often and massaging it. Immediately with the botox I felt it just relax. Even if it didn't have improvement in my looks that alone would make it worth it. Only after... READ MORE

After months of deliberating on my ever deepening furrow I decided to take th plunge and see someone recommened by a friend. Heide was great; she was not pushy and spoke to each of my fears and concerns. 30minutes into my consult I decided to gp for it and had some botox administered. Heide was... READ MORE

I had been interested in Botox for a while, but I was nervous because I had seen women with faces that looked terrible after Botox. They had no animation and there foreheads were too smooth. It didn't look natural. Dr. Fryer is amazing. I don't have any wrinkles and I can still move my... READ MORE

I've been getting Botox for many years & this was the least uncomfortable & it took effect in much shorter time. Dr. Beck was able to inject where I wanted I was not overcharged! Best of all, I'm symmetrical, unlike other times I've had it done! There was a time when I was having the Botox... READ MORE

Needed to feel better about my appearance and felt that botox would be helpful. My friend had a facelift done by Alan B. Brackup, M.D. and it was wonderful so I went to see him. I have had botox in the past by some very well known doctors and never have I had the result I had when Dr. Brackup... READ MORE

I have had Botox now for 4 years from Dr. Pillai. The staff there is wonderful ladies. They have always helped me and answered any questions that I may have had. I have always loved my results. I have also had the Tickle Lipo. What I really enjoyed about this procedure is I had it on my... READ MORE

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