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Botox is an injection that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent new lines from forming. Common injection sites includes the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, and the sides of the chin. Botox can also be used for a wide variety of other conditions, including migraines, excessive sweating, psoriasis, and even depression. LEARN MORE ›
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I have extreme expressions in my face. While this was cute as a teenager, I now have lines that dont go away. I looked at a picture of myself recently and was shocked at my frown lines. I decided to get over my fears and give botox a shot. I had 15 units in between eyebrows and above eyebrows.... READ MORE

After turning 40, I started to notice fine lines creeping up around my eyes and wrinkles settling in right in the middle of my forehead. My eyes also started to look a bit tired. I had been to all the very well-known dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Miami and my experience with Botox was... READ MORE

My wrinkles were becoming more prominent, & I wanted a subtle change. Dr Castillo was hugely understanding of my need for a natural look, talked me through all the options and risks, and was able to both explain & map out on a diagram what would be best, and how it would improve my features. I... READ MORE

I started Botox to retain a freshness. My eyes always looked tired so it helps to lift that area, I look much more awake. I trust Dr. Baum with were and how much Botox to use. I try to go every 4 - 6 months. The procedure is quick and you can continue with your day with no down time. I have had... READ MORE

I've had botox and fillers administered by a nurse many times before elsewhere but came across someone who recommended Dr. Zach and said his results were truly exceptional.. they were right. Dr. Zacharia suggested injecting in sites that no one had mentioned ever before and the outcome has been... READ MORE

I have always been very pleased with experiences as a patient at Ridenour Plastic Surgery. The doctor and the office has always addressed all my skin care needs and problems. They recommend a great facial routine without trying to upsell un-needed products. I visit Dr. Ridenour for preventative... READ MORE

I am so thrilled had the courage to go through with Botox!!! I should have done this years ago!! No pain, no bruising, no swelling. Just beautiful smooth skin!!!! My next appointment will be Botox for the forehead and the neck. I will also being getting a filler for my marionette lines on... READ MORE

I'm 30 years old and have had wrinkle lines on my forehead since I was about 21. Since it has always bothered me a little bit, I went to Dr. Ridgway to look into Botox. All I can say is that I am so glad I did. He was wonderful and my results have been fantastic. I was really nervous that it... READ MORE

Dr. Morgan is fabulous. She and Maggie were extremely pleasant and aimed to keep the patient pain free at all times. I will definitely return. I live in Cincinnati, but since Dr. Morgan was the only PS I could find that would perform a deflation, I made the trip and while there decided on the... READ MORE

Wonderful experience, professional friendly staff, very caring and gentle. Doctor is kind and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable asking him questions regarding the procedures. I didn't experience any pain at all with the Botox injections, and very little during the thermage treatment. No... READ MORE

I went to dr townsend to fill in a line between my eyebrows, also know as the 11s i was told my his wife cheryl who runs this newbury st location that this is a very minor and low cost precedure, i left paying $550 which i found to be expensive considering she had just told me it would be a low... READ MORE

I wanted Botox for several years but hesitated a few times because I was not sure that the doctors I had consulted with at that time would address my need for a very natural looking result. After looking at Doctor Kotlus' before and after results on Real Self, and the very improved and... READ MORE

Not at all interested in a facelift, Dr. KOO said she would not recommend that anyway. I thought I would come in here and she would immediately want to operate on my eyes and face. I knew my eyes needed to be done but my chin I did not want to do. Dr. KOO said we could improve my skin and do... READ MORE

Dr. Jarmuz is beyond Amazing!!! I am so grateful to have found her after a nightmare experience with my previous Dermatologist. She just knows what to do with my face. It also helps that she is both an ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon. From what I've read they are the best doctors to see for facial... READ MORE

I decided to go for botox when I noticed the lines on my forehead were appearing when my face is in a normal state. I went to a medspa (with a doctor) and was told that since this is my first time, and the lines on my forehead were not really deep they would start me off with 3 units. After... READ MORE

I Had been thinking about getting a little bit of Botox for a while, so when my husband went for a top up on his tear trough dermal fillers, I had a tiny bit ( 2-3 units in each area) in between my eyebrows & around my eyes. It was so quick & painless, I was impressed. Was told to keep making... READ MORE

Why Dr. Ransom? 1. Your first encounter Dee, kind, calm and NO ATTITUDE! This lovely lady will, somehow, someway get you in to see this very young, busy and talented Doctor who is like a brilliant artist. 2. Respectful of his patients time in addition he is absolutely adorable, kind,... READ MORE

I have been a patient of Dr. Van Raalte's for a while. I LOVE my results! I have had Botox (my forehead wrinkles, angry 11's & crow's feet are gone) and I also had filler in my cheek bones. Love it! It gave me a more youthful look without distorting my face and people can't tell I had it... READ MORE

I was starting to see frown lines and crow's feet deepen in my face and Dr. Martinez-Diaz recommended I get botox. He did a great job explaining the procedure and what he was going to do. He calmed my nerves and was very gentle. It wasn't very painful and was over in minutes. The results were... READ MORE

The doctors here are not going to side with us because this is their living. So sad when money comes before a patient's health. I This has been a catastrophy. I have lost most of my eyebrows and eyelashes and I have a notable bald spot. For all the people who are in the same boat,... READ MORE

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