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Botox is an injection that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent new lines from forming. Common injection sites includes the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, and the sides of the chin. Botox can also be used for a wide variety of other conditions, including migraines, excessive sweating, psoriasis, and even depression. LEARN MORE ›
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I have low brows from aging naturally and they gave me head/eye aches, so to avoid the inevitable (brow lift) I thought I'd try Botox. My brows are now even lower & my eyes have barely any lids now! I feel paralyzed. I actually have to scotch tape my eyes open to put on eyeliner &... READ MORE

I have had botox with a reaction of dropping forehead so much that the I could not wear eyeshadow. and one eye that dropped so I looked weird for months.....why? You can see the right eye is slopping...or more closed. I am the one in white. I had botox twice. The 1st time I had it in my... READ MORE

I had Botox two weeks ago in my frown lines and forehead, I'm 26 but I had bad premature ageing in this area so decided to give Botox a try. I had 39 units, 25 in my frown lines and 14 in my forehead, the procedure took minutes and the pain was minimal. I had swelling around the... READ MORE

I had Botox injected about a month ago to even out the space between my right eye and eyebrow and it didn't do anything it actually lifted my left eyebrow when I needed my right eyebrow lifted. When I would raise my eyebrows my left one raise and my right wouldn't move.I called the dr's office... READ MORE

I had Botox injected around my eyes, forehead and mouth 3 or 4 times and was very, very happy; however, four months ago I had it done again and experienced smile paralysis. My doctor never told me that was a possibility. I trusted him as I knew him on a business level and not just a patient.I am... READ MORE

I had botox treatment in my forhead, crowsfeet and in between eyebrows. suprise for husband in iraq and honeymoon.pros..wrinkles gonecons...right eye completely closed. totally paralizedhow long do you think this will last? and is it possible that my closed eye only got a little and that it... READ MORE

The only con is the droopy lid. I hate it that I spent so much money and can't enjoy any of the benefits of the botox because my eye looks so awful. How long does droopy eyelid last? I had a very small amount of Botox injected. I have read it a hundred times since I had my botox... READ MORE

I had a botox 2 weeks ago, my eye is small, I cant see the sun, get tired easy, like paralyzed, droopy. Im desperete, how long I have to be like this to get better, what happening after botox? what I should do? there is anything I can use? I did this to look better.is possible to get better just... READ MORE

I'm 28 years old and have had an increasingly deepening frown line between my eyebrows since I was 20 or 21. (My mother had a similar wrinkle in the same place at a young age.) Here is a video of my latest Botox injections, which was not painful at all because I requested the doctors use... READ MORE

I am 31 and starting noticing the "11" lines in between my eyebrows about a year ago. When I looked at pictures of my younger self, the only real difference I could see from then to now, for the most part, were those 2 lines. I went to Dr. Pousti's office, had a consultation in a private... READ MORE

Further to my last post regarding recent Botox injections, I wonder if anyone has experienced problems with eye after Botox. Approximately 10 days after the injections I experienced approximately 50% loss of clear vision in both eyes. It felt as if 50% of my eye vision was looking through... READ MORE

Cory has been correcting my eye brows and softening my crows feet for 12 years now. I highly recommend her as she is highly trained on where to inject the different muscle groups to attain my even look. I have never had any droopiness with her injections ever. I only trust Cory and highly... READ MORE

As I near 50 years old, I have seen more lines develop, my eye lids drooping, and deeper folds around my mouth. I was told about Dr. Pazmino, and his expertise with fillers, and I was genuinely surprised by the extraordinary results. My eyebrows were lifted, the lines have diminished, and I... READ MORE

The beginnings of crows feet faint horizontal forehead lines on right side from arching my eyebrow so often sensitive skin and several allergies--"cone" cosmetics, wheat, dairy, soy, pollen, cats, peanuts, most metals easily bruised skin keloids Carrie recommends 12 units but I want to start... READ MORE

Clear communications and aesthetic skills are both required in order to get the best results. Dr Nakra demonstrated excellence in both. I am very happy with the results. Previously I had an upper and lower Blepharoplasty done elsewhere at a well known place in Austin but unfortunately the... READ MORE

I paid a $1000 for servíces that didn't work. The botox he usted didn't not help my expresión lines, It made them worst. The same was with the Voluma, It didn't fill up the áreas in question and It has been a month already. To make It even worst I went to see him to ask him about my concierns... READ MORE

A tad too much between brows, settled down in 6 weeks. I no longer look angry due to frown lines between my eyebrows. Want to do fillers, but expensive. Not ready financially for surgery, and can't take the time off to heal. I will definitely use Hannah for all of my aging issues, trust is a... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Sadeh last week. My mom wanted to have me do some Botox on my forehead for Mother's day. I am 28 years old and I have some fine lines on my forehead that I am not to fond of. Anyway, we get there and the office is so beautiful. Dr. Sadeh has a little bit of a wait time because he... READ MORE

I am a former actor and 50-year-old mother of a five year old. I was becoming self-consious about my aging, especially around younger moms. And the subtle sagging made me feel tired, blah. Dr Marotta's advice for areas in which I desired botox was spot-on. The results left me feeling and looking... READ MORE

I have used botox for about a year now to deal with excessive sweating in my underarms. It has been a life changer! I am able to wear fabrics I could never wear and I have a new level of comfort in my own skin that I cannot even explain. I have to say, it can be somewhat uncomfortable, but it is... READ MORE

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