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WORTH IT RATING based on 1,353 reviews
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Botox Cosmetic temporarily relaxes muscles that cause facial lines and wrinkles. Also used to treat migraines, sweating, and other conditions. LEARN MORE ›
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I had never had a cosmetic procedure done of any kind. The fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth were certainly making me look my age! I had a tired, worn-out look, which I noticed especially in photographs. I was determined to improve my appearance and look my best, not only for... READ MORE

Wonderful!!!! Worth every penny ! Kristin was great very detailed and professional . I found that she took the time to understand my wants and explained what could be done! I can't wait to go back ! I have gone twice about once a year, for filler and Botox . I find that she softens the fine... READ MORE

Just curious why the botox takes so long to take affect. I had it done about less than a week ago. I can still frown and raise my eyebrows. Will this change? This is my first time. I was so scared, it burned but it was ok so far...any help needed would be great!! I have had juvaderm, for... READ MORE

I like botox injections to help with the wrinkles in the forehead, brow, and eye area. I have been receiving botox for a number of years and I love the results. Dr. Morgan's technique is excellent. She numbs the area and also uses ice to reduce any possible bruising. It never hurts and in 3-5... READ MORE

I am a returning patient of Dr. Ryan Greene in Weston, FL. My previous procedure was Voluma to help improve the appliance of my acne scars on my cheeks. Months later and I am still very happy with my results. Last week I went to him for Botox in my forehead. He and I previously discussed my... READ MORE

I do my best to take care of myself but I work in an industry where how you looks makes a huge difference--even if you are behind the camera. Botox was a simple, easy way to do something for myself. Five days after I had it done, one of my photographers walked up and said, "Wow, you look... READ MORE

In 1986 had a basal cell cancer removed on my forehead. Since surgery, my eyebrows were slightly "off" in symmetry. Discussed this with Jill, and she thought she could correct. I'm beyond thrilled, as after 1 week, my brows are even again!!!! I live outside of ATL, but will drive to Kville for... READ MORE

I'm completely in love with Botox. I've been using it for a year now (3 treatments in total), as a preventative treatment on my frown lines and they've disappeared. I now have a much more relaxed look, less headaches because I'm not frowning as much and people are surprised when I tell them I'm... READ MORE

2nd time for Botox! I noticed I started getting that 11 between the eyebrows and the line across the forehead, so once a year for my birthday I have what I like to call the "frozen forehead" package. It's actually helped with my migraines too...I wonder how I could get a prescription for that...... READ MORE

I felt like I was too young to get botox (26 years old) but I already have started developing lines across my forehead. I went to see Dr. Peter Capizzi and his staff at Stillwater Plastic Surgery. Grace Anglin, RN did a full consult with me on what my concerns were and how botox could help... READ MORE

Reduce lines on my forehead and brow. I only had a few but they really bothered me. I also felt like my skin was looking dull and had some age spots. I Wanted to change my skin care regimen And find a product that would help reduce lines, create more radiance. After seeing Dr. Nichols and using... READ MORE

Looking to have some work done I am a Friend of Dr Marcus in Little Silver. So I'm looking foward to procedures done. I was consulted by Elsa latza I find here very unprofessional and really don't want here around me. If I decide to get these procedures done I prefer not to have her consult me... READ MORE

I had a exceptionally deep crows feet and some lines in my brow. I was referred to the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute by a family member. I went in for the first time May 13 2014, I was very nervous. Once I arrived the staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. The nurse Kim... READ MORE

Saw Dr. Quatela for botox to improve my frown lines and forehead lines. I am very happy with the treatment and it was quick and easy injection. They applied some numbing cream before the procedure and that was helpful. The staff is very nice and professional. I will definitely go back for... READ MORE

Dr. Klein is nothing short of a genius! I had a a line at the top of my nose between my eyebrows when I frowned that drove me crazy! Dr. Klein added a little filler(Juvederm) to the area and Botox for my male frown areas and voila! I Literally 10 yours younger and my Botox hasn't taken full... READ MORE

First of all Dr Bustillo has zero people skills, he doesnt even try to be pleasant..I went to his office for botox injections on my forehead and I paid $ 600 for forehead and crows feet; and is been not even 2 months and my forehead is still moving the same way it was before the treatment..... READ MORE

I have an inflammatory condition, which affects my face and causes inflammatory feeling and redness. Ms. Gonzalez suggested Botox and started with a light dose. The procedure was quick, easy, and painless, the cost was very reasonable, and the outcome was excellent -- with no bruising or... READ MORE

I had frown lines between my eyes and lines across my forehead. I felt it made me look angry and older. I was very worried about getting Botox injections but now my forehead is smooth and natural looking. Dr. Laura Sudarsky was extremely warm, caring and patient with me. She listened to my... READ MORE

I was VERY disappointed with Dr. Gartner. I think he is probably doing what some amoral Doctors do- He over-diluted the Botox to where I had no effect. Then he blamed it on my face for being (a little plump) and saying that was the reason. He had the NERVE to charge me for a 2nd touch-up after... READ MORE

I searched for doctors in the area and came across the reviews for Dr. Andochick's office. I met with Dr. Andochick and his staff who were all amazing! They had a really great atmosphere in the office as well as everyone seemed really knowledgeable about cosmetic surgery. After a brief... READ MORE

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