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Accutane is a prescription oral medication used to treat severe acne. Accutane can have some potentially serious side affects, so it’s important to cover them carefully with your doctor before embarking on treatment. LEARN MORE ›
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Started acctune on july.9.2013. Its been 6 days in. I dont have any dryness joint pain or anything that ive heard anyone talk about. But I have notice more breakouts than I had before. I know its only six days in but my skin seems more oily... its that normal??? Shouldn't I have a little dryness... READ MORE

I've had BAD acne ever since really the 4th grade. I'd been treating it with over-the-counter medication (like Proactive, Murad, etc.) and even prescription meds and vitamins. All of them didn't work and even possibly made it worse. I was now in my 2nd semester of 8th grade, and I had had... READ MORE

Although people focus on how terribly dry accutane makes your skin, I have only one month left of accutane and have not had a zit in two months. The only side effects I had were dry skin which I used Cetaphil lotion on and my lips were dry and swollen which I used Aquaphor and prescription... READ MORE

I have been on Accutane for 3 months now and iam still breaking out, but not as much, I have lots of red marks and I want them to go away. I am only on Accutane for 4 months, I don't know if that is long enough or not? but that is what I was prescribed. I hope that for being on Accutane for only... READ MORE

After 10 years of acne and numerous attempts to tame my face I am on what I call my last resort. I only heard about accutane around 3 years ago, but it took me those 3 years to finally give it a go. I am 6 weeks in and I am not not pleased. I just can't say yet. I hope it will be worth the... READ MORE

My name is Josh and I am 17 years old. Three years ago my dermatologist diagnosed me with cystic acne. I have tried several different face washes, creams, and antibiotics. Hopefully Accutane will treat my cystic acne once and for all. I have been on Accutane for 34 days now and I have seen a big... READ MORE

Started Accutane when I was 17 years old for acne (cysts, whiteheads, blackheads). Was on the drug for only 3-4 months because it caused me pain in joints/lower back, felt sluggish and sick at times. I wanted it to work so much for me since it worked "miracles" for friends, but it caused my skin... READ MORE

Well today is my first day on the treatment and my dermatologist has me on 1 20mg a day, with the aim to build up to two a day. The reason for starting on a lesser treatment is to try to make the expected initial breakout not too extreme. I've read about all the possible side effects of this... READ MORE

First of all sorry I don't have any pictures to post for this review, but I hope this helps. Okay so I am 17 years old and I have clear skin. Yes! You heard me correctly I have no pimples or black heads or what have you anymore. My skin is clear and quite smooth. So anyways 8-9 months ago or so... READ MORE

Chantel Blonde | 6 hrs ago Day 25 on roaccutane Skins awesome feeling happy! Still dry skin & dry lips and mood swings (anger burst outs) but I'm so friggen happy with my results..the first 2 weeks were bad getting huge pimples on my face/little ones and last week face felt like little dry bumps... READ MORE

I am not a review writer usually but I have to let the world know about this miracle drug, I had cystic acne on my face, neck, shoulders, Nd back. I have never been able to wear a tank top, or bathing suit and my hair with no makeup for 7 years,Girls suffering from acne severe as mine was... READ MORE

I'll start by saying I love my doctor. I've been on claravis 30mg for one month now, went for a follow up and refill but Costco did not have my meds available at the time I needed them. With that being said, I went to heb near where I live because they had the dosage I needed, however I feel as... READ MORE

Since Accutane is banned in the US, I was prescribed its generic Claravis, half dose, of 20mg. My derm suggested half dose since my acne was mild but persistent. (I've had breakouts for 15 years and finally decided to do something about it when it got worse in my 30's, I wish I hadnt waited). I... READ MORE

Like others I feel like I have tried everything to clear up my acne. I am a 29 year old female and have had acne since early teenage years onward. I didn't actually see my first derm until early 20's. So yea I have also tried several combos of meds but keep building a resistance. I go in tumor... READ MORE

About to start taking it tomorrow, feeling nervous! have been given 30mg to start with. very nervous about the side affects, and went to buy lots of supplies, moisturisers etc. also aiming to keep a healthy diet so lots of fruit was also bought to today....I've now been on accutane for about... READ MORE

This is my second cycle of accutane my acne came completely back after I stopped taking it. It has honestly had very negative effects on me and it has made me very depressed I know three people who have a similar experience. So I'd like I warn everyone if you have had depression be careful with... READ MORE

I had been to every dermatologist in town, had my hormones checked, and spent tons of money on treatments with estheticians - nothing worked. Finally they decided to try Accutane, and being young, desperate and uninformed I took it. It REALLY dried me out - skin, lips, hair, eyes - and I wasn't... READ MORE

I was in high school and we all know how cruel other students can be. I used to be a 'crater face'. My skin is now beautifully clear. I just wish I'd known of if earlier - I wasted 5 years fighting my doctors for a referral to a real dermatologist - for 5 years my acne went from bad to worse, I... READ MORE

I was put on Accutane when it had only been on the market for 5 years, so it was relatively new. This was in 1993 at the age of 19. After battling years of severe cystic acne (acne started in 4th grade for me and by 15 it was on my face, chest and back), so I finally sought out professional help... READ MORE

I have always have severe nodular acne (level 4). It started early I can't remember exactly when. I have never felt good about my skin. I have tried EVERYTHING. I have been to 2 different dermatologists (because of a move) both have very different approaches to acne. With either of them nothing... READ MORE

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