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Accutane is a prescription oral medication used to treat severe acne. Accutane can have some potentially serious side affects, so it’s important to cover them carefully with your doctor before embarking on treatment. LEARN MORE ›
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Have been on roaccutane for the past 4 and a half months still have 1 and a half months to complete treatment. have reoccuring pimples. On 60 mg/day. side effects experienced Dry lips, sometimes joint pain, depression. hoping that it will clear after treatment.It's been 4 months since I have... READ MORE

I had sever cystic adult acne for about 2 years before finally trying roaccutane. The acne affected my back but mainly my face and neck. I was also on steroids for a few weeks with the roaccutane and antibiotics, I think the derm did it all at once because it was so bad and causing alot of pain... READ MORE

I had moderate acne mainly on my cheeks and forehead and occasionally on my chin. I also had lots of red marks and some shallow scars on my cheeks from old acne. I also had oily skin. I tried every over the counter acne creams plus some perscription acne creams, tried birth control pills and... READ MORE

I started my first dose of Accutane my senior year of high school. My doctor kept uping my dosage until at one point I was taking 80 mg a day. I went off it for about six months, then went on it again. I never finished my second trial. My skin is better than it was before, but it's... READ MORE

I have been struggling with mild acne since my late teens, but it got worse when I hit my 20s... I began getting cysts and my pores were congested all the time, and I was getting scars... I tried OTC meds, Doxycicline, diet and other things, but anything seemed to be working, and my self esteem... READ MORE

I had severe acne on my back for several years. I went to many dermatologists. No one could quite help me. I tried every cream and every pill you can take before Accutane. I lived with this for 7 years! My back acne was very embarrassing, it was like a pepperoni pizza back there. I... READ MORE

Accutane has its ups and downs. It cleared my acne RIGHT up! i was on a prescription for 4 months. i had little bumps on my forehead that wouldnt go away, and other spots but accutane cleared it up. I lost about 15 pounds from taking accutane. I was 120 before i took it and went down to 105... READ MORE

This product changed my life! I had terrible acne and it made my life miserable. I tried SO many things and not one thing worked. But I heard about accutane and had to try it. I went to my doctor and got started. Within three weeks, my skin was almost flawless. I couldn't even believe it... READ MORE

While Accutane does work as promised, the side effects are what you need to evaluate when deciding if it is the right prescription for you. I decided to use Accutane as a "last resort" because I found no creams, ointments, or pills to help over many years. The Accutane cleared my... READ MORE

When I was 12 or 13 I started to get deep cystic acne on my back. It was horribly embarrassing, especially for a teenager. If I had to expose my back (tank tops or swimsuits), I would do my best to cover it with concealer or wear my long hair down. I tried every OTC topical treatment, body... READ MORE

Hi. i ended 4 months & 1 wk treatment with accutane & it's good, my face improved except 4 acne marks.. am taking 20mg twice daily & weighted 73kg .. my dermatologist tell me he might stop it in the coming few dayz .. the thng that am so concerned -if i stop it now- to have a... READ MORE

It really worked the first time when absolutely nothing else did. Acne did come back so I am now on a second course, which I am ok with. There are side effects but they are manageable (I think). If you feel like they are too much then try lowering the dose. READ MORE

Did it once when I was about 25. worked great for about 10 years then needed it again about. Again, it worked, but it can slowly come back. Nothing else does what it can. I would not hesitate to do it again for a third time if necessary. READ MORE

I started taking Accutane last September to deal with my back acne. Two days into treatment I thought I had a bout of severe food poisoning. I was throwing up every hour all night. I stopped taking Accutane for a week to get better from my “food poisoning” which I no longer believe... READ MORE

It was so frustrating that I was in my 40s and dealing with acne and roseacea. The Dr. & his team came up with a multi-procedure plan for me - IPL treatments, Accutane (covered by insurance) and Retin A. After a combination of all 3 of these at different times, I have been getting... READ MORE

I didn't get great results with accutane the 1st time for very long i'm hoping this second course is permanent. i had all the usual side effects nothing too bad, nothing that i couldn't put up with to finally have clear skin. i am now on my second course of Accutance, after teh... READ MORE

While taking accutane, I experienced dry skin, dry eyes, bloody noses, and sometimes I would have slight headaches. Strangely, while I was on the drug, I felt overly happy (hyper) and carefree, which is very unlike myself. I am usually calm and sometimes stressed out about school work. I... READ MORE

I started off with 30 mg and in the first month nothing happened. In the 2nd month, my acne got worse. My dermatologist upped the dose to 40mg and kept it that way for the next 3 months in which my face got clearer. Side effects=more tired, drier skin, dry lips always. I thought I did... READ MORE

I had two rounds of accutane. I had the first round when I was 16 and the 2nd round when I was 23 (YES IT COMES BACK). I had a mild case of cystic acne and it worked very well the first time with little side effects. My skin was crystal clear until around 21 it started to become cystic again.... READ MORE

I started taking accutane when I was 18 for my acne. My acne did not look bad, but I felt it deeper in my skin. I read some negative reviews as well as lots of positive ones. I was not sure about this medicine; however, my doctor assured me that it was not that serious and that it will clear me... READ MORE

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