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Accutane is a prescription oral medication used to treat severe acne. Accutane can have some potentially serious side affects, so it’s important to cover them carefully with your doctor before embarking on treatment. LEARN MORE ›
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I just finished my freshmen year of high school. I started getting acne in 6th grade, but it was never a big problem until last year. I would get pimples on pimples the entire year. (metaphor). I saw a dermatoligist toward the middle of 8th grade. For a year, i was put on antibiotics and a few... READ MORE

I had suffered severe acne in the beginning of 6th grade. During 8th grade my parents found out about accutane and decided to go ahead and try it. The process to get it was a little bit long. When I first started using it I was put on the higher dosage which caused the sides of my mouth to dry... READ MORE

I went on Accutane in Feb. 2011. I saw results in the first month. My skin was clear after the third month. By the end of my 5 month treatmeat, my skin was clear and beautiful, just like we all have dreamed of!! It was soo good that I barely had to wear make up! However, I did experience dry... READ MORE

I had moderate acne including cystic zits and other little zits. My acne was so painful and made me sooo self conscious that I'd wake up in the middle of the night, feel the pain of a zit, and not be able to go back to bed! I was already depressed before I started accutane, but I started a... READ MORE

I never had super terrible acne or anything, but I would too regularly get cystic type zits. I can remember getting my first zit in 6th grade and not a long enough period of clear skin after that to matter. Probably about 3-8 zits at one time and then a cystic type one every 3-4 months.... READ MORE

My acne may not have been the worst in the world but I'm already a shy person as it is, my mom left when I was a kid.. And it kinda messed up my self esteem, and that plus acne just made my life hell. I had it from 15-19. Finally after my freshmen year of college I called my dad one night to... READ MORE

I'm a 25 year old female who's been struggling with acne for about 3 years. I would classify my acne as mild half the time and moderate half the time, however very persistant. I always have small clogged pores that have been pretty much impossible to clear. I am taking 30mg a day 2x a... READ MORE

After 10 years of struggling with antibiotics, topical creams, and face soaps that would not get rid of my acne problem, I decided to get a 3rd opinion on a more effective long term solution. I found a dermatologist who suggested Accutane as the solution; one that she had personally used. Seeing... READ MORE

I had pretty mild acne thru high school. It's when I started college that my skin erupted. I tried all the topicals you can think of...Every RX and OTC including milk of magnesia. Prior to taking the accutane plunge, I tried 6 mo of doxycycline. It worked really well initially but stopped... READ MORE

After meeting with my dermatologist i was told i had severe cystic acne. (I even had acne cysts forming in my neck and ear lobes) After trying numerous drugs and milder prescriptions I decided to take Acutane. I was told that i would have to take monthly blood tests to make sure the medication... READ MORE

I just started Accutane a couple of days ago. After reading some of these reviews, I am pretty apprehensive about the next 5 months. I am trying to take precautionary actions such as wearing heavy moisturizing creams, chapstick, drinking lots of water, Also considering taking calcium and fish... READ MORE

Pro: Cleared up skin Con: 3 years later I started having horrible stomach problems. I am in pain constantly, my Gastroenterologist told me it was from the accutane. I never had stomach problems before. Now I had to move back home because my stomach problems have gotten so bad. READ MORE

Accutane worked miracles on my skin. It would be a shame if this drug got a bad rap- I personally had NO suicidal thoughts, depression or any of the other negative things people talk about. On the contrary, I was happy and ecstatic to see my cystic acne fading away!! I actually welcomed the dry... READ MORE

Skin heals completely looks beautiful radiant and pinkish glow but secondary effects... Clinical depresion! be carefull and tell your doctor if You have familiar history of depression, hepatic problems etc.. before taking this medication. READ MORE

I was 16 and unfortunetly suffered from severe acne. Not on my back or any other body part - only on my face- and i say only with some hesitation, it was enough. My family used to tell me to 'accept it' that 'it is normal', though i didn't feel at all comfortable- i was... READ MORE

I have been on accutane 3 times. the first time was in middle school, the second time in high school and this final time was my senior year of college. prior to accutane i did literally everything to try and combat my acne. drug stores, prescriptions, home remedies.. nothing helped. every time... READ MORE

I developed cystic acne when I was 25 years old around my mouth and chin. GREAT. after antiobiotics, topicals even injections I was prescribed Accutane. The bloodtests were a pain - but SOOOO worth it! It has now been 6 years (and 2 children :) later and not a pimple in sight! READ MORE

I took Accutane when I was in my very early 20's. I have always battled light to moderate acne & figured since I was out of my teen years I wanted to get a bit more aggressive in fighting it. We did all the tests and my doctor put me on it. After the first round my skin hadn't... READ MORE

My acne reached its worst my sophomore year in High School when I would literally miss school because I was so embarrassed of my skin. When my dermatologist gave my accutane I immediately went online to research it. The reviews scared me so bad I almost decided not to take it, but thankfully I... READ MORE

Accutane was my last resort after trying other creams, pills, multi-step facial cleansing systems, etc., and it was definitely worth every penny and every side effect. I was on Accutane for 6 months in 2009 and haven't had anything more than tiny hormonal breakouts since. I went from having... READ MORE

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