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Accutane is a prescription oral medication used to treat severe acne. Accutane can have some potentially serious side affects, so it’s important to cover them carefully with your doctor before embarking on treatment. LEARN MORE ›
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Pro: Cleared up skin Con: 3 years later I started having horrible stomach problems. I am in pain constantly, my Gastroenterologist told me it was from the accutane. I never had stomach problems before. Now I had to move back home because my stomach problems have gotten so bad. READ MORE

Accutane worked miracles on my skin. It would be a shame if this drug got a bad rap- I personally had NO suicidal thoughts, depression or any of the other negative things people talk about. On the contrary, I was happy and ecstatic to see my cystic acne fading away!! I actually welcomed the dry... READ MORE

Skin heals completely looks beautiful radiant and pinkish glow but secondary effects... Clinical depresion! be carefull and tell your doctor if You have familiar history of depression, hepatic problems etc.. before taking this medication. READ MORE

I was 16 and unfortunetly suffered from severe acne. Not on my back or any other body part - only on my face- and i say only with some hesitation, it was enough. My family used to tell me to 'accept it' that 'it is normal', though i didn't feel at all comfortable- i was... READ MORE

I have been on accutane 3 times. the first time was in middle school, the second time in high school and this final time was my senior year of college. prior to accutane i did literally everything to try and combat my acne. drug stores, prescriptions, home remedies.. nothing helped. every time... READ MORE

I developed cystic acne when I was 25 years old around my mouth and chin. GREAT. after antiobiotics, topicals even injections I was prescribed Accutane. The bloodtests were a pain - but SOOOO worth it! It has now been 6 years (and 2 children :) later and not a pimple in sight! READ MORE

I took Accutane when I was in my very early 20's. I have always battled light to moderate acne & figured since I was out of my teen years I wanted to get a bit more aggressive in fighting it. We did all the tests and my doctor put me on it. After the first round my skin hadn't... READ MORE

My acne reached its worst my sophomore year in High School when I would literally miss school because I was so embarrassed of my skin. When my dermatologist gave my accutane I immediately went online to research it. The reviews scared me so bad I almost decided not to take it, but thankfully I... READ MORE

Accutane was my last resort after trying other creams, pills, multi-step facial cleansing systems, etc., and it was definitely worth every penny and every side effect. I was on Accutane for 6 months in 2009 and haven't had anything more than tiny hormonal breakouts since. I went from having... READ MORE

Took it when I was 28. Still had moderate acne on face, back and chest. Worked after a few weeks. Stayed on it for 6 months. Never had an outbreak since. I'd do it again. Not one side-effect. READ MORE

All pros - no cons! Made me fee, very comfortable and confident that my acne will go away! Also, his staff are wonderful. Always kind and helpful. READ MORE

Be ready for some wicked side effects. This stuff is very powerful and does a number to your body. I recommend taking it seriously and being cautious with your body while taking it. Muscles and joints are very weak and I threw my back out several times (and i don't have back problems).... READ MORE

Have been on roaccutane for the past 4 and a half months still have 1 and a half months to complete treatment. have reoccuring pimples. On 60 mg/day. side effects experienced Dry lips, sometimes joint pain, depression. hoping that it will clear after treatment.It's been 4 months since I have... READ MORE

I had sever cystic adult acne for about 2 years before finally trying roaccutane. The acne affected my back but mainly my face and neck. I was also on steroids for a few weeks with the roaccutane and antibiotics, I think the derm did it all at once because it was so bad and causing alot of pain... READ MORE

I had moderate acne mainly on my cheeks and forehead and occasionally on my chin. I also had lots of red marks and some shallow scars on my cheeks from old acne. I also had oily skin. I tried every over the counter acne creams plus some perscription acne creams, tried birth control pills and... READ MORE

I started my first dose of Accutane my senior year of high school. My doctor kept uping my dosage until at one point I was taking 80 mg a day. I went off it for about six months, then went on it again. I never finished my second trial. My skin is better than it was before, but it's... READ MORE

I have been struggling with mild acne since my late teens, but it got worse when I hit my 20s... I began getting cysts and my pores were congested all the time, and I was getting scars... I tried OTC meds, Doxycicline, diet and other things, but anything seemed to be working, and my self esteem... READ MORE

I had severe acne on my back for several years. I went to many dermatologists. No one could quite help me. I tried every cream and every pill you can take before Accutane. I lived with this for 7 years! My back acne was very embarrassing, it was like a pepperoni pizza back there. I... READ MORE

Accutane has its ups and downs. It cleared my acne RIGHT up! i was on a prescription for 4 months. i had little bumps on my forehead that wouldnt go away, and other spots but accutane cleared it up. I lost about 15 pounds from taking accutane. I was 120 before i took it and went down to 105... READ MORE

This product changed my life! I had terrible acne and it made my life miserable. I tried SO many things and not one thing worked. But I heard about accutane and had to try it. I went to my doctor and got started. Within three weeks, my skin was almost flawless. I couldn't even believe it... READ MORE

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