I'm Dr. Andrew Miller. Rhinoplasty is a great way to improve a nose which appears too bulbous or wide. The bulbosity of the tip is usually due to several factors. First of all, the tip cartilages themselves may be wide or too curved. This creates a nose which looks flatter and more squared off. At the same time, the tip's skin itself may be thick. These things can be improved with rhinoplasty surgery. First of all, the tip cartilages are trimmed and reshaped using sutures into a tip which appears more triangular as in the picture here. At the same time, the tip skin can be thinned so that it can drape over the cartilages in a nicer fashion.

It's important to understand that thick skin can never be turned into thin skin, but great improvements can always be made. After the surgery while the nasal tip may appear swollen, over time it will continue to tighten as the skin tightens around the newly supported cartilage tip to create a nice, long-term result.

It's important to always consult an experienced rhinoplasty specialist when considering surgery of this type. Together the two of you can go over your goals and the surgeon can discuss expectations. And then together the two of you can create a plan which will create a great, natural result.

Repairing Just the Tip of the Nose Could Bring the Entire Structure Back Into Proportion

Dr. Andrew Miller describes the steps needed to correct a bulbous tip, which usually involves reshaping the cartilage and thinning the skin.