I'm Dr. Andrew Miller. One of the most common questions we get is what is the difference between a full regular face lift and all of the other marketed procedures out there otherwise known as a mini face lift. A full face lift is essentially a lower cheek and neck lift. It is best for patient that has heavy jowling and a heavy neck. When done properly, this procedure gives a better result than a mini face lift and also for a much longer term. After the procedure, a few days more recovery is needed than a mini face lift and this procedure is done under general anesthesia. A mini face lift is indicated usually for younger patients but in general, patients that have early jowling. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia and recovery is approximately one week. Although some improvement can be given to the neck, it is not primarily a neck procedure. It's important to see a face lift specialist when considering having these procedures. That way, he or she can go over the differences among the different procedures and see which one you are a best candidate for in order to get the result you desire.

What Areas of the Face Are Affected By a MiniLift or Full Facelift?

Dr. Andrew Miller explains that there are several differences between the two procedures and these are discussed along with representative photos.