I'm Dr. Miller. Patients often come in to the office with skin that is wrinkly thinking that a face lift can help that. Well, a face lift is great for patients that have heavy jowls and heavy neck as shown here in the picture. However, wrinkles are different. In order to correct wrinkles, you need to resurface the skin. This is done with a CO2 laser which takes off the older wrinkly skin, re-orients the collagen bundles and let's the nice new smooth skin grow in. This procedure can produce excellent long term results. It's also safe to combine a CO2 laser resurfacing with a face lift in patients that are properly chosen. Therefore, it's important to see a face lift specialist when considering procedures of this type. He can go over your goals and options and determine if you are candidate for having laser resurfacing done at the same time as a face lift.

Combating Wrinkles: Facelift vs. Laser Resurfacing?

Dr. Andrew Miller discusses the benefits of having a facelift and the added benefit of pairing it with laser resurfacing to treat wrinkles.