I'm Dr. Andrew Miller. The lower eyelids are an extremely important area to rejuvenate when trying to create a more youthful appearance. The lower eyelids and the surrounding structures in general are more complicated than the upper eyelids in that problems can arise from several things. First of all, there can be extra fat in the lower eyelids. At the same time, the skin can be wrinkly and thin. In addition to that, the areas around the eye can be hollowed out. The goal for these things is to fix each issue creating a natural result. For the extra fat, we can simply remove some of those. For the wrinkly skin, we use a laser to take off the old skin and allow the body to create a new smoother skin. For the hollowing around the eyes, we can harvest fat from the body, process it and inject it around the eyes to smooth out the hollows. Sometimes some extra skin is excised and the eyelid is tightened as well. It's important to consult a highly trained eyelid specialist when considering the surgery. Together, he can show you in the mirror what the problems are and the steps needed to correct them. Then together, you can create a natural result which will be long lasting.

Removing and Adding Fat Are Both Great Lower Eyelid Options

Dr. Andrew Miller explains that improving the lower eyelids may include removing fat and filling hollow areas with fat harvested from elsewhere on the body. Your doctor can discuss which options are available to treat your specific problems.