I am Dr. Andrew Miller. Rhinoplasty plus chin augmentation is a great way to create excellent facial balance. Oftentimes patients come in to the office complaining that their nose is too big. While this may be true, at the same time, a lot of these patients have chins which are too small. This in itself makes the nose look bigger. While rhinoplasty can be carried out to decrease the size of the nose, a chin implant is easily placed through a small incision in the crease underneath the chin. A small pocket is made, the implant is placed and the incision is closed. You can see this creates much better facial balance in that it takes a face, which was more curved from the side profile and creates a face, which is more straight. From the front view, this creates much better facial symmetry. The chin implant itself makes the nose look smaller. It's important to consult your rhinoplasty specialist when considering surgery of this type. Together, the two of you can go through computer imaging and you can be shown how a chin implant might improve your overall facial profile.

Getting a Chin Implant With Rhinoplasty Can Create a Major Impact

Dr. Andrew Miller discusses the benefits of pairing a chin implant with a rhinoplasty. He shows off some impressive before-and-after photos of women who've gone through the paired procedure.