I am Dr. Andrew Miller. Sometimes patients come in to the office that are not happy with some aspect of their nose or not happy with some aspect of their previous rhinoplasty surgery. Instead of jumping straight into surgery for these patients, it maybe worthwhile to consider an injection to try to improve things. First of all a patient that has a small bump on their nose can have Juvederm or Radiesse injected above and below the bump to create a straighter nasal dorsum. A patient that may have some crookedness of the nose or small denser deformities after primary rhinoplasty surgery can have these areas filled with Juvederm or Radiesse. If the appearance is a great improvement, then more permanent fillers such as Silikon 1000 can be injected to give a great long-lasting result. It's important to consult an experienced injector when considering these things. Together, two of you can discuss the issues that you have and determine if a filler will be right for you.

Before Surgery, a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty With Fillers Could be a Great Fix

Sometimes an injectable filler can be placed to improve the contour of the nose or fill a small defect, avoiding the need for surgery, says Dr. Andrew Miller.