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Did Vi Precision Peel Cause Scarring?

My co-worker, an esthetician applied the Vi Precision Peel on 2 age spots and caused my skin to burn and darken. I also broke out from a rash with 4%... READ MORE

Vi Peel - Safety, Risks, Scarring and Downtime

Is it safe? Any chance of scarring at all? What is the true down time? I have kiloid scars from scabs I picked when I was 12 years old. Haven't... READ MORE

How many Vi peels would I need? (Photo)

I have a lot of hyperpigmintation and uneven skin texture. Lots of little scars that I want to get rid of. READ MORE

Why is my skin so irrated with me??? Burns? Scars? Help need advice. (photos)

I got a vi peel a week ago, although my pores have been cleaned out, no more pimples or black heads , my scars look so much worse!!! And my face is... READ MORE

Whit can I do about cracked skin that is now raw after my vi-peel?

I did my Vi-peel on Friday at 12pm and started peeling the very next day. Today is Monday and I have peeled a lot and it seems the area around my... READ MORE

Treating Skin Burn After Vitalize Peel

I had a Vitalize Peel 3 days ago. My nose and upper lip have peeled drastically and they are burned and very red. I put olive oil and yogurt on it to... READ MORE

I've had Vi peel treatment almost a month ago, and it left burnt scars on both sides of cheeks. Will it go away?

I'm a Asian female. After the treatment, it peeled nicely except for the two scabs on both cheek. It left burnt scars on both sides and it's been... READ MORE

I did Vi peel around 20 days back and I have a huge scar on my cheek. I am getting married in ten days.

I did vi peel around 20 days back and i have huge scar on my cheek. I am getting married in ten days. Please suggest something asap! :( READ MORE

VI Peel. Can it be applied to the scar in front of my ear?

I had a face lift 10 years ago. I have a small scare from necrosis in the area in front of my ear. I am going to have a VI precision peel done. Can... READ MORE

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