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Redness After Vi Peel

I got a Vi Peel 3 days ago and my skin starts to peel off, and the skin turned to brown too. It also was really easy for me to take the dead skin off,... READ MORE

Are These Vi Peel Side Effects Normal?

So I just had my first peel 4 days ago. It was a vi peel & Im prob just freakin out, but was wondering if its norm for the new skin to be red... READ MORE

Had the Vi Peel 5 Days Ago. My Acne Red Marks Are Now Even More Red. Will This Subside?

Really worried the red marks will remain really red. Is vi peel supposed to help with this?Also my nose and around my mouth and chin have peeled like... READ MORE

I Have Done the ViPeel 4 Days Ago my Skin is at the Peeling Process Except Its Always Burning?

What can i do to help calm the redness and burning? when i apply the cream it burns as well. Anything else i can do to help cool my skin for example... READ MORE

I Am Having an Extreme Reaction to the Vi Peel, I'm Beet Red, Swollen, etc., Normal?

I received a ViPeel on Friday, it is now Tuesday. I did the normal peeling, now I am swollen, beet red, having splotchiness, and am peeling again. My... READ MORE

Red and Tight After Vi Peel

I am on day 5 of my first VI Peel. My skin is mostly done flaking this morning and the newly exposed skin is red and tight. Since it is Sunday my skin... READ MORE

Vi Peel - Skin Came off While Showering?

I did it on Monday at 4:30. Tuesdy at 7:00 I noticed skin flaking around my mouth but this wasn't supposed to happen for another 24-48 hours.... READ MORE

Tiny Red Bumps After Vi Peel on Cheeks, Neck and Décolletage. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had my second VI peel done three days ago and now I have clusters of tiny red bumps all over the sides of my face. The peel wasn't applied to my... READ MORE

Burned from Vi peel. Does this look normal? (Photo)

So I got the vi peel done yesterday and I have some redmess around my nose that looks like burn marks. Is that normal or did the peel burn my skin? READ MORE

Red Itchy Rash Afrer Vi Peel?

Please help! I am scared i have really messed up. I had a vi peel 2 days ago, and i have a very red tight face with LOTS and LOTS of red very itchy... READ MORE

Red Bumps After Peel

Day 5 from my Peel, Why Has my Developed Red Bumps Even with the Vi Peel Lotion. READ MORE

Would a Vi or Glycolic Peel Restore my Collagen?

I'm 58 W/ Thin Irish Skin That Flushes Red in a Warm Shower. I wear hats & 30 SPF block faithfully & live in sunny So-Cal. 5 yrs ago... READ MORE

How long will the redness last from a VI Peel?

I am in day 2 of a VI peel and my face is red (sunburned) all over and a bit hot. I have followed all directions and the dr said to try Cortisone to... READ MORE

Should the 3 post peel towelette be used on the morning of day 2 or in the evening?

Is it normal for the skin to feel irritated (mostly stingy sensation and redness) after the first and second vi post peel towelettes? READ MORE

Treating Skin Burn After Vitalize Peel

I had a Vitalize Peel 3 days ago. My nose and upper lip have peeled drastically and they are burned and very red. I put olive oil and yogurt on it to... READ MORE

I peeled off my skin on the vi peel and now it's super red and burns. What can I use to stop burning and heal quicker?

I peeled off my skin on the vi peel and now it's super red and burns really bad. I'm scared I damaged my skin and I'm using lots of moisturizer even... READ MORE

VI Peel, Can Anyone Give Me More Insight?

I just had a VI Peel. Can anyone give me a little more insight into what to expect? After applying the first at-home treatment my face is itchy and... READ MORE

Too much sun exposure after Vi Peel on Day 5? Is this normal or what can I do to undue any potential damage? (Photo)

I had a Vi Peel done 6 days ago. I am concerned because I was out yesterday (day 5 after the peel) in the sun for an hour with SPF 30 on my face. I... READ MORE

Redness Without Improvement in Day 4 of VI Peel?

Hello I did VI peel 3 days ago the problem is that after the doctor put the acid on my face he goes to his office then nurse told me to wash my face... READ MORE

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