Tiny Red Bumps After Vi Peel on Cheeks, Neck and Décolletage. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had my second VI peel done three days ago and now I have clusters of tiny red bumps all over the sides of my face. The peel wasn't applied to my neck and décolletage so I don't understand why there are red bumps there. The tiny red bumps look like pimples. Is this normal? This did not happen after my first peel. Is this rash a result of a bad reaction? What should I do? Thanks in advance.

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Red bumps after Vi Peel

No, red bumps are not expected after the Vi Peel.  You may have developed some sort or irritant contact dermatitis to either the peel or products provided post peel.  It also may be unrelated to the peel as it appeared on areas where it was not applied.  You should discuss this with the professional who applied the peel. 

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Red Bumps

Red bumps are not usually normal following a peel, I would contact your dermatologist or plastic surgeon that preformed the peel and request an appointment for him to see the reaction.

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