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Vi Peel Reaction

I had a VI peel Friday at noon. Acetone was applied before the peel (It’s Sunday night now.) Since Friday night I have experienced intense itching a... READ MORE

Is cracked, chapped, and burning skin after 6 days normal? (photo)

I had my 2nd Vi peel 6 days ago and I'm still peeling on my eye lids, chin, and neck. I don't remember peeling this much last time and I definitely... READ MORE

I Had a VI Peel on Tuesday. Thursday I Started Getting Raised "Welt" Type of Pimples?

Saturday, after cleaning the house and perspiring I have many raised, red bumps on my neck, forehead and now my face. They hurt, burn and itch. Some... READ MORE

My post VI peel face is burning! What can I use to moisturize that won't burn?

I just had a VI peel and EVERYTHING I am putting on my face is burning! I have tried the moisturizing cream that came with the after care kit, the VI... READ MORE

I just had a VI peel done 3 days ago and the skin is starting to peel, but the new skin is always burning. Is this normal?

I have kept it moisturized and have not even went outside since having the procedure to be sure to avoid sun. The fresh skin under what has peeled off... READ MORE

VI peel causing redness and limited peeling. (photos)

I had a VI peel 3 days ago. The practitioner did not give me the home treatment kit and about t30 mins after treatment my skin was BURNING. I have red... READ MORE

Vi peel. Pain with burning, peeling, flaking, crusting, irritation, and itching. Did I damage my skin and ruin results? (Photo)

I received a Vi Peel on 9/15. I used my normal Glytone face wash on day 3 after the peeling was complete. Its now day 5. I notice my face is getting... READ MORE

Burning when I apply protectorant or sunscreen? (photo)

I had the VI Peel Precision Plus done on Friday at 12pm at a dermatologists office. She told me not to wash my face until the next morning. I started... READ MORE

Burning after Vi Peel and sore from Botox. Is this normal? I have normal to dry skin. Was the Vi Peel necessary?

Today my face is really hot. I've cleansed with Cetaphil and used a fragrance-free moisturizer. Will this feeling go away soon? Second, the NP who... READ MORE

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