Vi Peel Reaction

I had a VI peel Friday at noon. Acetone was applied before the peel (It’s Sunday night now.) Since Friday night I have experienced intense itching and burning on my face and neck. I have chills and I now am developing cold sores around my mouth. My face is red and I am experiencing pretty severe pain. Since I have lupus and rosacea, I was told the Vi Peel would be a better alternative than a laser treatment to treat the redness and telangiectasia on my face. I would appreciate any advice.

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You need to contact your Doctor that did the VIpeel to get instructions on what to do. Without an exam we cannot give you adequate advice.



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Reaction to Vi Peel

It is very common to have redness, itchiness and sensitivity of the treated areas after having a chemical peel like Vi Peel. These symptoms can persist for several days and last up to one week. However, chills, cold sores and pain require immediate evaluation and treatment and therefore, I recommend you call your doctor immediately. If you are developing cold sores, you should be on anti-viral medication (which I sometimes put patients on regardless to prevent the development of cold sores). Make sure to stay out of the sun and to use gentle products only. 

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