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Swelling Noticed After Compression Garment No Longer Worn?

I had vaser on Aug 2 I stopped wearing my garment 2 weeks ago and the last couple of days I have noticed a increase in swelling I had upper and lower... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post Vaser liposuction and I don't see any difference. What are some signs that this will change?

I am 6 weeks out from my VASER liposuction of outter thighs, inner thighs, lower abdomen and flanks. I'm worried because I see zero change. I feel... READ MORE

5.5 week post op Vaser lipo under chin, disappointed with results, side profile looks worse than before. lumps? Swelling?(photo)

I had vaser lipo under my chin almost 6 weeks ago now, I've been trying not to look in the mirror & take too many pictures but I am so disappointed... READ MORE

I got chin/neck Vaser lipo 6 weeks ago. I am concerned about the results so far. Is this normal? (photo)

I got Chin/Neck Vaser Lipo 6 weeks ago . I am concerned about the uneven healing, lumps, springiness, and droopy skin under neck. I received a steroid... READ MORE

Swelling 6 weeks post vaser. Any suggestions ? (photos)

I am 6 weeks post vaser. My healing was going very well and the results were fantastic. I am still wearing the garment but my 4d compression belt... READ MORE

Taking my garment off aft 6.5 weeks from agressive vaser, will everything be okay?

Hi there, its been 6.5 weeks since I had my vaser and I just cant take my compression anymore. I do swell when I take it off but im i just cant keep... READ MORE

I had Vaser Lipo 6 and a half weeks ago. Swelling or fat?

I had vaser lipo 6 and a half weeks ago with mya. I had to wear a foam impression vest for 4 weeks and then spanx for 2 weeks after that. I'm not... READ MORE

6 weeks post op Full Back/Hip Vaser Lipo. Should I be seeing more results? (Photo)

I am going to see my doctor on the 14th and I would like to know what questions to ask him. I am having trouble losing weight and my back rolls are... READ MORE

How long do you need to wait before thinking of revision after Vaser Lipo? (Photos)

I had Vaser Lipo 6 weeks ago on my upper, lower abdo, flanks, inner and outer thighs. I am extremely unhappy. I notice a change on my flanks but my... READ MORE

I had Vaser 6 weeks ago on upper & lower abdomen and arms. At the end of each day I have hard swollen lymph nodes in my groin

Is this normal considering I had 12 lymphatic drainage sessions and open incisions that drained for 48 hrs? I am seeing my surgeon this week for a... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post op following Vaser lipo: my breast now feel hard and puffy and tender to touch.

I have just taken my compression garment off as per my nurse and surgeon. My breast now feel hard and puffy and tender to touch. I know it can take... READ MORE

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