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How to fix dent after vaser on inner thigh? (photos)

I did vaser on 13 mar on inner and outer thigh. After the bandages were removed on 3rd day post op, I noticed a deep groove on my right upper inner... READ MORE

Calf Vaser Lipo Swelling How Many Days to Resolve?

Iam 3 days post calf lipo , i have gone under knife many times , this much pain is a first ...cant walk but on my toes , my calves have became wider... READ MORE

My penis is bruised after liposuction. How long will it be before I can have sex?

Hi. I had Vaser liposuction on my upper abdomen, lower abdomen and side flanks 3 days ago. In addition to the bruising and swelling on these areas,... READ MORE

Am I Damaging my New Abs when They Hurt?

I had vaser hi-def on my abs 3 days ago and things seem to be going well (see photos on my review). However, when i get in/out of bed and sit... READ MORE

I did vaser lipo 3 days ago. Doc told me to avoid Sittng as much as possible?

And also told me not to bend. How long should this be followed? READ MORE

Vaser lipo to outer thighs - no bruising?

I am three days post op of of saddle bags and oddly have no bruising as yet?! I am very surprised at this as I normally bruise easily even when i bump... READ MORE

3 Days Post Vaser - Can the compression garment be worn over clothes?

I did my arms and double chain vaser, little pain and broses, But i really can't wear the garment on my neck its size L but killing I can't imagine... READ MORE

Love handles shape on both sides did not come properly and looks uneven and odd. Will I get the shape in few weeks?

I did Vaser lipo For my love handles in india. It is three days now after this lipo, I removed my garment and it is not even on both sides. The right... READ MORE

Vaser on arms - when to expect results?

I had vaser lipo on my upper arms 3 days ago. So far i can’t see much of a difference, swelling is minimal as is bruising which is a good thing i g... READ MORE

I have multiple mouth ulcers three days after liposuction. Could this be because of the surgery? How can I treat it? (Photo)

Hi. I recently had Vaser liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen and woke to find that I suddenly have 6 mouth ulcers on my lower lip. It has been 3... READ MORE

Menstrual cycle occurred again post Vaser liposuction? Is it normal?

I have got my vaser liposuction done on 1 July 2015. I was fine post surgery but I started getting some blood discharge in my urine (same as menstrual... READ MORE

Where should incisions be? (Photo)

I had abdominal Vaser lipo done three days ago. I'm very swollen and bruised but I'm concerned about where the incisions are located. READ MORE

Fat or swelling after male laser chest treatment?

I had vaser treatment on my chest 3 days ago. i have pretty much no bruising at the minute but it does feel a little bit tender to touch. i looked at... READ MORE

I got calf liposuction done today, my doctor has advised me to wait for 3 days before wearing the compression garment, advice?

My doctor has adviced me to wait for 3 days before wearing the compression garment. He said fhat after 3 days my calf should be measured and... READ MORE

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