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The "Vampire Facelift" is a procedure that involves withdrawing a patient's own blood, processing it to create "platelet-rich plasma (PRP)," then re-injecting it to erase wrinkles and create a more youthful look. Selphyl is another type of PRP facelift procedure that uses a similar technique.

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This is my first day and the swelling is quit ugly. I did Restylane Silk along with the PRP injections. First they drew a valve of blood from my arm. Then I was injected with the restylane. After the restylane I was injected with the blood from the valve after the valve went through a machine. Hurt! READ MORE

I was looking to rejuvenate my skin. Doctor wise performed the Vampire Facial on me. The experience was fantastic. Dr. Wise numbed my face prior so I did not feel any pain with the initial small needles. Following that he injected PRP into my skin. There was some minor pain, but well worth... READ MORE

After having positive results from just one Sculptra treatment a few months ago, my doctor asked if she could use me in training reps and other doctors in platelet rich plasma therapy. After researching the procedure I decided it could be the answer to my dark hollowed circles under my eyes... READ MORE

My photos show my before, mid and 4 day results. I originally went to see Dr Tess Maurico for my melasma, and asked if the whole eye area could be treated the same way I had removed my melasma before (eMatrix followed by TCA). She no longer has eMatrix - only the new Venus Viva and also refused... READ MORE

Where do I begin, it was a couple years on being consumed by my hair thinning that finally brought me to Dr. Emer. I took the long path to get to him, but it was well worth it. In my initial consultation for PRP, Dr Emer was patient, honest and professional. He shared his knowledge and... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Jason Emer because I felt that I looked tired and was also concerned about my uneven skin tone and sun spots. I had PRP injections and microneedling done over my entire face. The procedures were virtually pain-free as he finessed each area. Immediately following the procedure,... READ MORE

Love Love Love my Results from Micro-needling with PRP I actually write a lot of medical blogs as part of my job and use to be in medical industry. I really wanted to see what all that talk about Micro-needling and PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma ). The experience was amazing and very effective.... READ MORE

Due to a very nasty bout of shingles, I was left scarred heavily across my face. My self-confidence disappeared and I felt unable to interact with friends without being self-conscious. I was left with deep indents of scar tissue on my nose. It was directly on the tip, and very noticeable. I... READ MORE

I recently received PRP (Vampire Facelift) with great results. My face looks so refreshed and rejuvenated and the fine lines and wrinkles have diminished. It has been approximately three months and the results have lasted. I have included before and after pictures. Background - I am 40 years... READ MORE

People are giving results for the vampire facelift instead of facial. Facial- PRP w/dermal pen. Facelift - PRP w/dermal fillers. I have gotten fillers in the past but my decision was based on the texture of my skin recently. It seems it lost that loving feeling. It just didn't seem as... READ MORE

I recently had my first vampire facial in Hannover, Germany at a really nice plastic surgeons' office. Two vials of blood were taken from my arm, centrifugalized in a machine and injected into my entire face (approximately 25 injections). After the first treatment, I had bruising under my left... READ MORE

I had gone to my beauty clinic for my annual botox and filler combo, when the doctor saw my skin looking very crepey and dull. So she recommended doing the the vampire facial, as she said it would remove the dark circles from under my eyes, and rejuvenate the skin. Anyway , I had my first... READ MORE

After thorough research I decided to try PRP therapy, or Vampire facelift as its also known, as I liked the idea of a natural substance (there's nothing more natural than your own blood!) rather than having a face full of synthetic filler/botox. My tired, worn 39+1 year old skin needed... READ MORE

This procedure was totally affordable and doable. It made my skin glow and improved the overall texture. I will do it again when needed. It was pretty much painless thanks to the numbing jell. No down time after. Just a day of slight redness and tenderness... READ MORE

Just wanted younger looking skin, less wrinkles, some improvement. I was told the vampire facelift would do wonders for my skin. It is now a year later, and I never saw ONE BIT of difference in my skin. I had a clear and brilliant treatment last month, and it did much more than the vampire lift,... READ MORE

I am 27 yrs old and have been dealing with dull skin and big pore/textural issues. I didn't want to go too extreme with the lasers so went for a consultation with Dr. Driscoll at the Beverly Cosmetic Surgery Institute to get the best options. I am waiting to schedule until I get back from a... READ MORE

I decided to do something other than surgery to revive my skin and tone of face having had fillers done before and quite happy with the results from same place. I went for the PRP treatment for face and it was absolutely painless which is the good thing, or maybe the anesthetic applied worked... READ MORE

I am very active in looking after my skin and have used retinol for a couple of years with awesome results however I have vertical lines on my lower cheeks and nothing at all has worked to get rid of them, I use Bramis in Subiaco perth and went in looking for Fraxel the doctor advised me this... READ MORE

I recently received Vampire Facelift showing amazing results. I've noticed a difference in the area under and around my eyes especially in the crease between my nose and mouth. I'm a 54 year old woman who has heard too many troubling stories about botox gone wrong! When I heard about Platelet... READ MORE

I've been trying to find the answer through the reviews if I to have vampire or scultpra done mid next month - appointment made for mid May. I'm 49 years old and had hyaluronic acid filler for under eye bags (february 2015) and nasolabial folds (march 2015). Beginning of April I had... READ MORE

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