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Does V Beam Help Scarring?

I was hit on the bridge of my nose about a month ago and now have a small scar that has formed. My dermatologist recommended the V Beam laser to... READ MORE

IPL Vs V Beam for Rosacea

I am 35 year old male & have slight rosacea on my nose , upper cheeks along & some occular rosacea. I've been on antibiotics for 4 months... READ MORE

How Many V Beam Treatments Needed for Broken/dilated Capillaries?

I have a few on my nose and they are actually very light and hard to notice in indoor lighting. It is mostly seen as a general redness in the area but... READ MORE

Does V-beam Work for Veins on Side of Nose?

Does V-beam work for veins on side of nose? READ MORE

Is it normal after the V-BEAM treatment?

I was twice V-beam treatment. I had few little veins around my nose, but nobody noticed it. So after the first nothing changed. After the second: The... READ MORE

1st candela V Beam laser treatment for spider veins around my nose and a red scar on my chin. 1 vein has turned very dark. (phot

The scar did get some bruising but that's because my doctor set the laser setting higher so we can get better results. As for my nose spider veins... READ MORE

I think my vbeam may have been messed up. Can it make vessels and skin look worse? (Photo)

There is a distinct red line on the side of my nose that was not there before. Is this normal? I've had the vbeam done before and I've never had this... READ MORE

Is is Safe to Use VBean Laser on Skin Diagnosed with Dermal Elastosis?

I have an area on the upper left dorsum of my nose that has been diagnosed with dermal elastosis. Would it be safe to use the VBeam laser on that area... READ MORE

I have had 2 V Beam treatments with a prominent doctor and have seen no improvement. Is there an alternative?

 i am 49 years old with fair skin the rosacea is centered on my nose and has thickened the skin somewhat, thank you D READ MORE

Reduce or get rid of enlarged pore, rosacea or whatever this is? (Photo)

I've had 2 nose job and I'm very happy with the last one. Although I've always had a few bumps around my nose, mainly on the right side, that may have... READ MORE

I have diffuse pinkness all over my nose and especially the tip of my nose after v beam treatment. How do I get rid of this?

I have diffuse pinkness all over my nose and especially the tip of my nose after v beam do I get rid of nose is pink but my... READ MORE

Redness returning after initial vbeam?

I have some redness and dilated capillaries on my nose. I had an initial non purpuric vbeam done 2 weeks ago (note I am Indian hence have light brown... READ MORE

What happens when vessels coagulate after Vbeam?

I've just had my 2nd vbeam treatment for dilated blood vessels on the nose. Settings have been non purpuric because of my indian skin. One thing I... READ MORE

Unsuccessfull 2 KTP laser Treatments for veins around nose? Is V-Beam a better option?

I had 2 KTP laser sessions done around my nose for spider veins with little success.I went to antother doctor and he told me that when KTP does not... READ MORE

Is V Beam or IPL or what better for Rudolph (aka me)?

Hi! I have had red nose (no acne...just large pores) on my nose since I became a teenager.I had some type of laser done at my derm's office and it... READ MORE

Treatment for telagiectasia around nose and eyes, two v-beam treatments did not work?

I have visible small capillaries around my nose and eyes, which i can easily cover with make up. However, the redness bothers me. Two vbeam treatments... READ MORE

Treating matting of the blood vessels, what is the safest and most effective solution?

I have some matting of the vessels on my nose due to a failed vbeam treatment.  READ MORE

No results after 3 Vbeam sessions, can it take longer to see results?

I had 3 Vbeam treatments 3 weeks apart between each. The last one was 2 weeks ago. It's for Rosacea. I have not seen any results yet. The focus is on... READ MORE

Vbeam and filler?

I had a vbeam today and am left with some bruises. In 2 weeks I have an appointment for a treatment with hyaluronic acid (Little nose correction). My... READ MORE

What to Do After Unsuccessful IPL and V-Beam Treatments for Redness?

I've tried two IPL's, and recently a V-Beam treatment (about 2 weeks ago) for the treatment of persistent redness on my nose and cheeks. Also... READ MORE

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