IPL Vs V Beam for Rosacea

I am 35 year old male & have slight rosacea on my nose , upper cheeks along & some occular rosacea. I've been on antibiotics for 4 months (tetralysal and doxycyclin). Both of which make skin more photosensitive. I've just finished the course & the 1 postule that I ever had is calmed down significantly (after 9 months).

I am considering - IPL/V-Beam treatment to minimize rosacea, Question: how long do I need to wait before I can get these treatments? Skin type: between III and IV (more 4)

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Rosacea IPL or V-Beam

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V-Beam is the gold standard for rosacea.  Whether the rosacea is mild or severe, V-beam is hands down the best treatment.  Improvement can be seen after a single treatment although some people need multiple treatments. Thick, ropey facial veins will likely require multiple treatments but flushing  may significantly improve after a single treatment.

The laser provider is important, nit just the laser. Find a physician owned and operated laser in a medical office with multiple lasers in a busy practice. Don't find an office that uses a laser only from time to time.

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V Beam over rosacea...but...

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..... yes, I do agree that V beam is the GOLD STANDARD for rosacea. This laser has many advantages over other lasers including the 755, 532, 1064 and IPL, however, PDL or V beam is MY go to laser for rosacea. 

I use this for tracing vessels ( 3 by 10 elipise hand piece), for general redness, and for flushing and blushing. 

Here's  the catch.... 90% of patients respond to this ... the other 10% may respond better to the 755, IPL or even 1064 in a tracing mode.

Treatments are all individualised and customised. 

Hope that helps, regardsDr Davin Lim Consultant Laser and Cosmetic Dermatologist Brisbane, Australia

Laser Rosacea Rx

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Rosacea is a chronic condition that needs ongoing treatment to maintain control and best appearance. The V Beam and many other Intense Pulse Light laser (IPL) devices are also beneficial and the recovery time is fast. a series of Rx are usually needed at first then followed by interval maintenance treatments as needed.

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How long after tetracyclines before IPL treatments

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Tetracyclines, including doxycycline, are mostly out of your system within 7-10 days after stopping the medication. 

The ocular rosacea cannot be treated with a laser, therefore you will most likely need a low dose doxycycline to maintain the eyes symptom-free, but that can be restarted after your facial rosacea treatments.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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