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Downtime for Umbilical Hernia Repair, and How Bad is Scar? (photo)

I have an umbilical hernia after having 3 kids, the last of which was born in 2008. I also have a diastasis recti that is quite large. Can they do the... READ MORE

Resulting Scar, No Belly Button and Wrinkles After Umbilical Hernia Repair

I had an umbilical hernia repair 6 months after giving birth in 2003, i was 18 at the time, the general surgeon that performed my surgery did not... READ MORE

Post-partum Umbilical Hernia Repair

I'm 32weeks pg w/ my 3rd & last child, I developed an umbilical hernia while pg with #2. It never went away & many times is very painful. It... READ MORE

No Belly Button After Hernia Repair? (photo)

I am 26 years old, have two children, the youngest is two years old, I had a hernia repair when I had a breast augmentation...The first attempt... READ MORE

Can I pierce my outie belly button if I had a hernia as a baby? (photo)

When I was only a couple months old I had surgery on my belly which made a huge hole in my stomach and my mom had to stuck gauze in there for it to... READ MORE

I had surgery, doctors used dissolvable stitches. But they didn't dissolve and were forced out by my body. Why is that? (photo)

I had hernea surgery about 10 years ago. The doctors used dissovable stitches, the stitches dissovled into my skin and we thought that they were gone.... READ MORE

Piercing After Umbilical Hernia Repair

Hi, i had an umbilicial hernia repair on my navel on Aug 13th of this year and i really want to get my belly button pierced asap. The area that was... READ MORE

Options To Improve Belly Button After Scar Excision and Hernia Repair? (photo)

3 months ago I had a hernia repair and elliptical excision on a former piercing scar removed. I would like to improve the area some more, and would... READ MORE

What Questions Should I Ask "SPECIFICALLY" to a Surgeon About my Hernia Repair ? (photo)

I have a hernia around my naval. The only surgeon I have seen so far is telling me that I would probably be out of work for 8 - 12 weeks and that I... READ MORE

Possible to correct umbilical hernia w/o doing Tummy Tuck to correct full Diastasis recti? I just want my inny back! (photo)

I don't really have much loose skin for tummy tuck, and it has been tightening a lot over time, but I feel that my belly button is unsightly and I... READ MORE

Deformed belly button after umbilical hernia repair. What can I do? (Photo)

What can i do, my bellybutton looks horrible after the repair. Please help. READ MORE

Hernias Need Repair; Wait for More Wt Loss Before Getting a MM?

Started gym in Aug, noticed hernias lrgr; partly from wt loss & bc I felt a squish while lunging 1 day. DH says wait til closer to ideal wt for... READ MORE

Umbilical Hernia. It is bigger than before surgery? How is this possible if the hernia has been repaired? (Photo)

I have had 2 children and got a hernia after second pregnancy. I just had my hernia repair done by a general surgeon. 4 days ago. I am however very... READ MORE

Belly button hernia??? (photos)

I used to be overweight as a kid. I have always had a frowny belly button. I worked out lost weight when I was around 21 and have kept it off till now... READ MORE

Insurance coverage: general doctor for hernia/diastasis and plastic surgeon for skin etc. (photos)

I just met with a general surgeon regarding my umbilical hernia and severe DR. She will refer to the DR as a "large ventral hernia" for insurance... READ MORE

1 week post-op laprascopic umbilical hernia repair - bruising under navel.

Now I have large bruise about 3 in. under navel. is this normal? no pain. READ MORE

Is bruising 6 weeks post umbilical hernia surgery reason for concern?

Just this weekend (my 6 week recovery mark) my belly button became tender and I noticed bruising in a circle, about the size of an orange. The day the... READ MORE

After having a Epigastric Hernia repair, my 3 year old falls on top of my incision. What to do?

I have no pain at all, I just had a Epigastric Hernia repaired along with pushing my bellybutton back in, due to another hernia I had. So I was doing... READ MORE

Can too much beer cause damage or permanent complications after one night of drinking 2 1/2 weeks post umbilical hernia op?

I ended up going to a friends birthday party because after 2 1/2 weeks of my repair (no mesh, open repair, small umbilical hernia) I felt very mobile... READ MORE

Umbilical drainage after umbilical hernia and diastasis repair - 2 weeks post-op.

Hi I had an umbilical hernia and a diastasis repair 2 weeks ago. My belly button wasn't moved. I had my first drain tube out at day 8 then the second... READ MORE

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