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Can Ultherapy Be Used Directly Under the Eye? Are There Alternatives?

Is ultherapy an effective treatment for under eye wrinkles? READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Help Festoons or Sagging Skin Under the Eye Area?

I'm not sure if I have festoons or just aging sagging skin under my eyes. When I pull the skin upward I look a lot better/younger. I always thought... READ MORE

How Painful is an Ulthera Treatment for the Forehead Compared to the Undereye Area?

What area of the face or neck does Ulthera tend to be the most painful during recovery? READ MORE

Advantages to Ulthera for Under Eye Puffiness?

What is the level of discomfort for Ulthera compared to other treatments under the eyes? Would more invasive procedures be worth it for better results? READ MORE

Has Ulthera Ever Been Used (Intentionally or Not) to Correct a Bad Fat Transfer to the Face?

Several doctors on this site advise Ulthera candidates to have the procedure done before fat transfer because Ult could reduce the results of FT. Has... READ MORE

Can a Full Face Ultherapy Eliminate the Need for Thermage Eye Treatment and Under-Eye Puffiness?

Can a full face Ultherapy Treatment eliminate the need for a Thermage Eye Treatment and Under-Eyes Puffiness? READ MORE

Can ulthera be used for my under eye wrinkles? How many treatments needed? If not, what will work? (Photo)

I have Been bothered FOR the past copule of years by the wrinkles under my eyes specially my left eye. It is getting worse. Significantly more than my... READ MORE

Can ultherapy work under eyes and for smile/nasolabial lines?

I did Ultherapy 4 months ago & see NO results. I have sunken shadows under my eyes & smile lines. I wanted to use skin tightening for a more natural &... READ MORE

How many ultherapy clicks or passes are allowed/used under the eyes? (Photo)

Above the eye areas received 10 clicks of 4.5mm then a 2nd pass of 10 clicks at 3mm. When it came to my under eyes (My problem area) she only did 10... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for slight jowls? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done 2 months ago. I wanted to do something preventative and to keep my skin looking fresh. I noticed about 1 month after ultherapy I... READ MORE

What is the approximate healing time under eyes following ultherapy?

I had ultherapy on my forehead and under my eyes a month ago. My brow has lifted nicely, but I am still sore under my eyes, and now have dark circles... READ MORE

Ultherapy to tighten skin under eyes.

Had a skin pinch 3 months ago but still have excess skin under my eyes (and therefore lines & wrinkles). Is Ultherapy a good option? Thank you. READ MORE

Facial surgery or ultherapy? (photos)

Dermatologists have told me that I could achieve a good result for my hooded eyelids, puffiness and vertical lines under the eyes with Ultherapy but... READ MORE

Not sure which non surgical procedure to choose. (Photo)

I have a crease under my eyes and laugh lines that go to my jaw line, as well as sagging cheeks. Need something that doesn't need redoing every 3-6... READ MORE

can ultherapy be used on African American skin

I would like to know what are the side effects of ultherapy and how many sessions will it take to see results and is it safe for black skin types. How... READ MORE

Is Ultherapy recommended for under the eyes?

I'm very nervous to do ultherapy bc of reading results of pts I have somewhat hollow under eyes and some wrinkles under eyes. I'm very thin . I'm 47... READ MORE

Ultherapy vs Fraxel for under eye smile wrinkles only?

I was wondering if I should get Ultherapy or Fraxel for tightening under the eye and minimizing crows feet when smiling. I am looking for low downtime... READ MORE

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