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Is Ulthera Useful for Droppy Eyelids?

Hi, I am 35 years old and have some excess skin on my upper eyelids. I have tried Botox to erase some horizontal frown lines as well as give the brows... READ MORE

Can Ulthera Eye Treatment Cause Fat Loss Or Loose Skin Over Time?

Is it at all Possible that Ulthera could cause Fat Loss or make skin actually looser long term ?? I am considering the Upper Eye lid Tightening... READ MORE

How Often After Ulthera for Lid Tightening Do the Lids to Rise Too High?

Could dry eyes or optical twitches be side effects of Ulthera for lid tightening? READ MORE

New Transducer That Can Be Used Directly on the Eyelids?

Hi, at my consultation today, the consultant has mentioned that there is now a new transducer that can be used directly on eyelids for lifting and... READ MORE

Why does Ultherapy shrink the eyes or lids? Will it go back? (Photo)

You would save me a ton of money running to and from eye doctors if u just answered me. It happened to me and i,want to fix it. WILL IT GO BACK?... READ MORE

Ultherapy with Rhino, Bleph, and Cheek Implants?

I'd like to have rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and cheek implants (that is, if my surgeon concurs). I'd also like to have Ultherapy instead of a face... READ MORE

Facial surgery or ultherapy? (photos)

Dermatologists have told me that I could achieve a good result for my hooded eyelids, puffiness and vertical lines under the eyes with Ultherapy but... READ MORE

Should I have ultherapy after being diagnosed with scleroderma?

Recently diagnosed with limited scleroderma, mostly noticeable in my hands which are slightly puffy and tight. No other visible symptoms. I did... READ MORE

What part of face would Ultherapy be performed for brow lift?

I've called a few doctors to get an idea of pricing for the brow lift with ultherapy & was told something different w/each practice. One said they... READ MORE

Temporal fat loss.

I have been told that I have a small or narrow 'frontal muscle' in addition to loss of volume at both temporal regions contributing to outer hooding... READ MORE

Ultherapy vs. Thermage CPT for area between brow and eye lid?

Which treatment is preferred for area between brown and eyelid? I do not need a lift in the actual brow, rather I need tightening and collagen... READ MORE

I paid for Ultherapy, but did I really get Ultherapy?

Went to aesthetician. She recommended Ultherapy. She said, "I've a doctor who both sells the equipment in the region, teaches other doctors, does it... READ MORE

Can fibrotic tissue/ skin ever be what it was again?

My facial skin is all electrical burns. feels grimey dirty . All of it is that way. I tried dermapen.It was soft but only for a day. The layers are... READ MORE

Ultherapy shrinks skin, shrank my lids, Is there anything I can do to get old eye shape back?

I know they are using it to shrink nasal skin after rhinoplasty. Ultherapy can be very dangerous. Why is it taken so lighlty? Too many pretty faces... READ MORE

A 3 transducer was used over my eyelids during Ultherapy. 5 months later my eyes became small, who can I speak with?

Aesthetic laser care is the MOST advertised utherapy company in the world. They don't use 1.5 transducers and went over my eyes with a 3. My eyes... READ MORE

Eyelid retraction after ultherapy?

Isn't eyelid retraction that occurs to some people after ultherapy the same idea as cicatratial ectropion caused by a thermal burn? Ultherapy =... READ MORE

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