I Have Occassional Eyelid Eczema. Would Ultherapy Be Contraindicated for the Eyelids? What About the Face?

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Eczema a contraindication for Ultherapy ?

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I don't recommend that you get Ultherapy under the eyes if you have eczema in those areas. 

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Eczema and Ulthera for skin lifting

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As the Ultherapy provides deep ultrasound bypassing injury to the epidermis, the eczema should not be a cause for avoidance, unless there is a secondary bacterial infection from the eczema.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Ulthera and eyelid eczema

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I don't see why Ulthera would be a problem for an eyelid eczema. When we treat the upper face we don't place the Ulthera over the eyelids themselves as that may endanger the optic nerve, etc. We treat with Ulthera over the eyebrows which should not affect the eyelid eczema in any way. If you have an eyelid eczema you should see a dermatologist who is a member of the American Contact Dermatitis Association. ( which we are) so you can find out specifically which allergen you may be allergic to - also which products you can safely use.

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