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How Long Will I Feel Sore After Ulthera?

I had Ultherapy on December 3rd. It has been almost a month and my jawline is still sore at times and I have a tingly sensation in my cheeks when I... READ MORE

Confusing Ultherapy results. Is it normal to have dramatic results very quickly only to have it go back to normal again? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done on September 17th and it took a couple of weeks for the swelling to go down but the results were pretty dramatic. My jawline was... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Dramatic Ultherapy Results After 30 Days?

Why is it the some Ultherapy patients get fantastic results after 30 days and some do not get results until 2-3 months? Do younger patients typically... READ MORE

Is it normal to get a rash from Ultherapy? When should I expect it to go away?

I had Ultherapy in Las Vegas almost a month ago and still have this rash. It started the day of treatment with itching on my way home and by the next... READ MORE

Ultherapy Uneven Results After 1 Month- Do I Need Another Treatment?

I have done the full face ultherapy about one month ago. Right after the treatment my left side of the face was much tighter and more lifted than the... READ MORE

Ultherapy complications (Photo)

On 10/5 I received a full face ultherapy treatment. Standard recommended lines around eyes w/ DS 7-4.5 in the temples & above eyes was done, as well... READ MORE

Ultherapy & Restalyne - Not Working and Not Sure Why?

I had Ulthera done by a v expensive dermatologist in NYC, followed by Restalyne and Botox one week later. I saw almost immediate results with the... READ MORE

I had Ulthera a little over 4 weeks ago and have Neuropraxia. Would steroids speed up my recovery?

I, obviously, had a bad reaction to my Ultherapy. My doctor has left it up to my discretion as to whether to prescribe steroids for me. It is now 4... READ MORE

I Experienced Very Little to No Pain During my Ulthera Treatment 30 Days Ago. Does This Mean That I Wont Get Good Results?

After reading on real self about all the painful ulthera treatments, it has me worried that my own treatment a month ago will not produce good results... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy 4 weeks ago. I'm still swollen, numb, have welts, and my smile doesn't lift as high/wide as it once did (Photo)

The first two weeks after the procedure were awful: I had extreme swelling, welts all over my neck and some on my cheeks, and I was treated with two... READ MORE

5 weeks post op Ultherapy, I have droopy results. Any suggestions? (photos)

My doc recommended a touch up from my 1st Ultherapy, but had her nurse do the treatment. I moved forward based on her recommendation. During, felt she... READ MORE

Is it possible to see positive changes from ulthera after a month, and then have them disappear?

I have had ulthera performed to lower face before and had excellent results after a month and a half lost 16 pounds due to illness and lost the result... READ MORE

I had Ulthera done about 1 month ago and it left me with 2 hard large nodules on either side, about 2x2 cm. Is this normal?

They are located above my jawline in lower part of my cheeks. Still have some bruising in that area as well.. I have an appointment to be seen by the... READ MORE

How can I recuperate fat loss on my face?

I did Ultherapy on my face one month ago. Results were very dissapointing. Fat loss on my face -sunken cheeks and grandma look- plus subtle change on... READ MORE

A month after ultherapy, I feel like a burn victim. Is there any chance I will survive this? Expert advice needed.

I'm not being dramatic. Im actually a med.resident and if you look at my other questions you'll see how drs responded that ultherapy is dangerous/can... READ MORE

Tretinoin cream vs. Ultherapy on a 30 year old male?

I am a 30-year old male. My goal is to look 5 years younger. I have been trying Tretinoin cream for a month now. It did improve my skin. I know I have... READ MORE

Have my eyes become asymmetrical? If yes, can someone explain why? (Photo)

1 month ago I did ultherapy on under eyes and lower face, with botox all over forehead. The next day I noticed my left eye looked higher than the... READ MORE

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