How long after having Ultherapy do I have to wait before I can have Affirm laser? Is 4 weeks sufficient?

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Ultherapy Facts--lasers, RF, Sculptra, microneedling/prp

This is fine. I frequently do tightening procedures on the same day as laser treatments. Ultherapy works best in combination with lasers or RF, Sculptra for collagen building, microneedling/prp. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Ultherapy + non-ablative fraxel laser

Ultherapy is a great treatment for tightening skin and treating skin laxity.  Four weeks is sufficient to wait post Ultherapy to do any other laser treatments.  In our office, we often do Ultherapy the same day as our non-ablative fraxel treatment.  The patient has Ultherapy first and the non-ablative 1540 fraxel treatment second.  This gives the tissue an added layer of heat to stimulate collagen and optimize the results of Ultherapy. 

In order to maximize the positive inflammatory response created by Ultherapy avoid the use of anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, naproxen and Celebrex for 1 month following the procedure. This inflammatory response is necessary to allow your body to stimulate collagen fiber formation and modeling.

To maintain and maximize the results, we recommend a prescription strength skin care regimen. Medical grade skin care products stimulate collagen production from the outside- in, which typically potentiate the effects of your Ultherapy treatment.

Laurie A. Casas, MD, FACS
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Safe time interval for Ultherapy and Lasers?

Hello dgmm2009,

Thank you for sharing your question and concern with us. Rest assured 4 weeks is ample time post Ultherapy for a laser treatment. In fact many centers will perform the two procedures on the same day. Be well. 

Paul Pietro, MD
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