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One Side of Tummy is More Swollen than the Other After Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I am 3 months post tummy tuck and one side (the left side) of tummy above incision is more swollen then the other. It isnt awful but it noticeable. Is... READ MORE

After a Full Tummy Tuck, How Long Before the Skin Tightness and Uneveness Goes Away?

I had my full TT and lipo 7 weeks ago. I still feel extrem tightness and uneven skin to the point of not being comfortable with out my garment and not... READ MORE

Does This Look Like a Bad Tummy Tuck? Will I Need Surgery Again? (photo)

I had abdominalplasty Oct. 31, 2012. There were issues with drainage tubes and pain management! My doctor refused to prescribe me anything more than... READ MORE

Uneven Fat Distribution and Saggy Belly Button - Options?

5'7159 lbs. I have lost 40lbs and want to lose 20 to 30 more. I SEVERLY dislike my stomach.I realized the main reason is because of my stomachs... READ MORE

I Have an Uneven Waistline After my Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I am 9 days post op, ( and I realize that this is early) but each day that goes by I see a pronounced difference between the left and right side of my... READ MORE

Unbalanced Look After Tummy Tuck and Lipo

I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo of flanks 2 weeks ago.Under my ribs the flanks are slim but my lower Flanks (hips?) are huge, I look... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck: Bulge on my Right Side

My stomach is uneven If you start from the left side and slide your hand over the right side bulge out more. Im scared dont know if this is normal. Do... READ MORE

Is an Uneven Waistline After Tummy Tuck Normal?

I had a tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks 12 days ago, but the shape on my waistline are uneven. One side is more curvy than the other. Could it be... READ MORE

How often should I get therapeutic ultrasound treatments for thick scar tissue resulting from pseudo bursa? (Photo)

Oct 2013 I had TT with seroma that developed pseudo bursa. It was resolved with sclerosing agent and abrading surface with lipo cannula (no suction).... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Uneven Swelling After a Tummy Tuck?

Is it normal to have the right side of the abd more swollen than the left?? and after my md took off my Jp drain it's been a week 1/2 and my other... READ MORE

How to Fix a Side of Lower Ab That's Sticking out After Tummy Tuck?

My ab sticks out more on my right side like I was pregnant sometimes. Can it be fixed and was it suppose to be noticed by my surgeon when I went for a... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op From Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo and Muscle Repair, Normal To Feel Pain on One Side?

Hi i am 6 weeks post op from full tummy tuck with lipo muscle repair and breast uplift ,at the moment i am suffering from a real bad pain only on one... READ MORE

Swelling/uneveness from TT - Flat Tummy but Uneven Hips?

I am 3 wks post ops from a TT. Didnt have much swelling & wear my compression garment 24/7. Only remove to bath. My stomach still has no feelings,... READ MORE

Swollen Navel and Uneven Stomach 5 Months After Tummy Tuck

June20th 2010 I did my tummy tuck along with umbilical area above the navel is swollen.left part of my stomach the fat is not READ MORE

Is It Normal For My Stomach To Be Lumpy Hard an Uneven After TT?

I Had a Full TT an Lipo on March 5 2013.. my Stomach is Lumpy Hard an Uneven. is This Normal. My tummy is uneven an it looked better when I frst had... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Part of the Abdominal to Be Puffy and Stick out After a Tummy Tuck?

It seems the upper, mid area gets puffy and uneven and sticks out and then goes back down. It seems impossible not to bend your abs at all for 4... READ MORE

16 Months After TT, Lipo, and BA, Still in Pain, and Results are Lumpy and Uneven, Revision Options? (photo)

Fall 2010 Implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, repaired gallbladder scar. Horrible pain numbness, ripping, burning feeling. Body lumpy, very uneven... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck-My Swelling is Very Uneven and my Doctor Doesn't Seem to Be Concerned. Does This Look Normal? (photo)

My right side is very tight and painful. My doctor said it is a fluid collection that will re-absorb on its own. Is that true? Is this uneven swelling... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Scar is Uneven and Bulging

I had a tummy tuck over a year ago. The left side did never seemed to heal properly even after several trips back to the Dr. Now the scar is very... READ MORE

Belly Button Not Centered After Tummy Tuck (6months Ago), Options?

Hi i had a full TT, breast lift with implants and liposuccion 6 months ago. I am sad because my bellybutton is not centered. I already told the Dr and... READ MORE

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