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Ultrasound Therapy After Tummy Tuck?

I am nearly 3 weeks post tummy tuck with lipo. I am thrilled with my results, but the tightness from swelling is bothering me. I went back to work... READ MORE

How often should I get therapeutic ultrasound treatments for thick scar tissue resulting from pseudo bursa? (Photo)

Oct 2013 I had TT with seroma that developed pseudo bursa. It was resolved with sclerosing agent and abrading surface with lipo cannula (no suction).... READ MORE

Should I Go to a Gyno or to my Plastic Surgeon Who Performed my Tummy Tuck 2 Years Ago?

I had 2 c-sections and two very aggressive tummy tuck with lipo which the doctor removed 25 pounds of fat and skin around my waist 2 years ago, I... READ MORE

My Stomach is Larger Now That Before my Tummy Tuck 7 Weeks Ago

After two weeks a catheter was put in for a seroma which remain in place for 4 weeks, I'm no longer draining but my stomach is just as larger as... READ MORE

Ultrasound Therapy for Lipo?

I had a seroma sclerosed post tummy tuck and lipo and it formed a very hard area so i am having ultrasound treatments 3 times a week on it i was... READ MORE

Can an untreated Pseudobursa cause any type of long term damage or consequence? Could it go unseen on a CT scan/ultrasound?

15 months post op full TT and MR. Had abnormally larger swelling during recovery. Discomfort, odd firm feeling (not a good firm) still remain below... READ MORE

Is this gonna be mostly my final results? Is this scar tissue going to stay? (Photo)

I am eight weeks post. I had a full tummy tuck abdominal repair two liters of lipo on flanks and belly with hernia repair. I've had issues with... READ MORE

Can a Lateral Abdominal Muscle Defect (Herniated Muscle and Tissue Layers- Lemon Sized Bulge) Be Repaired Through Tummy Tuck?

I had an ultrasound that showed a large complex mass right lat side between lower rib and iliac crest..Radiologist feels it's a herniation defect of... READ MORE

Fix my stomach the best possible way without TT.Dermatologist would be best? Non invasive ultrasound machines? Anything? (Photo)

Is been 16 months since my surgery; nothing much has change..I need to find a good close to great a revision doctor who specializes in this. I am in... READ MORE

Are there any post massaging therapies (such as ultrasound) required after having a TT and/or Liposuction?

Many plastic surgeons in Columbia and Mexico recommend having post-op ultrasonic therapies to prevent fat pockets and fibrosis. I've been to... READ MORE

Why do I have burning and sharp pain where the MR was done?

I am 3 weeks po from a full TT. I have had severe burning and pain since day 2 in the top half of my belly. It feels like I pulled or tore a muscle. I... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post tummy tuck and my doctor has confirmed that I have a hematoma. Should I get a second opinion?

I have done aspiration about 5 times now (starting from 200cc down to 50cc), but the swelling persists. I have also done an ultrasound which confirmed... READ MORE

Three months post-op full TT with a hematoma. Will this ever heal on its own? (Photo)

As you can see from my photo, I am dealing with a hematoma which began 2 weeks after surgery. After several aspirations, it is still present. I've has... READ MORE

3 months post-op tummy tuck: problems ever since - belly is very swollen and hard. (photo)

It cost 10,000 dollars and I have no more money to spend on this. Do they fix it up for free? The whole reason I got this was to have a flat tummy and... READ MORE

I have a 12mm hematoma diagnosed by ultra sound after a Tummy Tuck. Should I be concerned?

The drain is still in position. presently draining 50-60 ml (dark colour) 9 days post op. My question is that although the surgeon is happy, I am... READ MORE

Is it possible to have muscle separation 6 months post op after tummy tuck? (photos)

I had my tummy tuck done 7 months ago and about a month or so ago I started noticing a bulge above my belly button. When I get up in the morning my... READ MORE

Large hematoma was not diagnosed with ultrasound. Is there a logical explanation for this or is this negligence?

I had a skin only tummy tuck on May 24th, the next day my hemoglobin was measured to be 5,6. Two days later I looked 6 mths pregnant, PS did an... READ MORE

Concern about fluid. Any suggestions? (photos)

If the result of a ultrasound states that fluid measure 10cm sagittal by 10cm transverse by 1. 0 cm. What is this in cc reading ? Is it too much for... READ MORE

Can ultrasound help soften/improve/heal TT scar?

I have an ultrasound machine that I use when I have back/muscle pain. I am loving my results so far and my scar isn't too bad, but I'm wondering if... READ MORE

How do you recommend removing the fluid? (Photo)

I had my ultrasound today for my enlarged right side. The tech told me it was fluid build up. I was under the assumption that fluid felt like a water... READ MORE

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