Seroma absorbed itself? (photos)

I had a Seroma recently I'm 3 weeks PO and on the second week I saw a loose wave in my stomach, I went to the E.R and got a ultrasound and it was in fact fluid, I got my surgery in Miami and won't be able to get there for another week, so I immediately got nervous And stop wearing my binder thinking it would make the fluid worst, a few nights ago I put on my binder now my stomach is puffy and firm again, is it possible my Seroma started to absorb?

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Repeat the Ultrasound

Repeat ultrasound and if necessary aspiration under ultrasound control is necessary to fully drain the seroma. Keep the abdominal binder on 24 hours a day for a further six weeks and reduce your activity as this is usually responsible for a seroma at this stage.

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Tummy Tuck Seroma Absorbed Itself?

     Thank you for posting your post operative photos with your interesting question. A seroma is a collection or pocket of tissue fluid that occasionally occurs following a tummy tuck. That is why some plastic surgeons use drains until there is a limited amount of the serous fluid collecting, that the body can absorb on its own. Another technique used by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons is to minimize seroma formation by using progressive tension sutures, where the tummy tuck flap is sutured to the underlying  rectus muscle fascia, so that there is minimal space for the seroma to form.
     Nonetheless, you need to see your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or have him help find another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon where you live to have an in person examination, because you may require needle aspiration to quickly resolve your abdominal seroma. Untreated, seromas can produce long term contour deformities and irregularities and possible infections can occur.
    Also, you can have your right thigh wound evaluated and treated at the same time for the best outcome of both. Best wishes, Dr. Richard Swift

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Seroma after surgery

You need to be seen by your surgeon. This fluid may need to be aspirated. Even though you are better, you should visit your surgeon in Miami. I would recommend wearing the compression garment until then to keep your stomach flat.

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