Hematoma or cyst?

I am 8 weeks post op and I calley my ps and she is on vacation having some swelling on right side at the top between bellybutton and ribs her partner seen me in the office said she agreed there was swelling had ultrasound she said hemotoma or cyst said see my doctor when she comes back next week.is it dangerous

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This sounds like a harmless fluid collection known as a seroma. Your surgeon can easily correct this in the office.

Fluid collection after surgery

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Hello,  thank you for your sharing your doubts.  Fluid collection after surgery it's one of the most common minor complication.   Seromas are the main cause,  followed by hematomas.   It's not common to develop a hematoma in the surgery site at week 8. So I think it's more likely to be a situation related to a seroma.  Have a great day. 

Fluid after TT

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I agree that fluid collection can happen, should be aspirated, sometimes several times, and should resolve. Have trust in your surgeon!!

No danger

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The fluid collection is probably a seroma, which can happen after a tummy tuck. It is just a fluid collection between the skin and muscle layer. This is generally treated by aspirating the fluid, which may need to be done several times until the seroma resolves. If left untreated, the seroma can become organized, meaning the walls of the cyst thicken and treatment becomes more difficult. Other than that, there is no health risk or danger in having this problem, but I would recommend seeing your surgeon as soon as possible for treatment.

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