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Can I Still Have a Blood Clot While on Lovenox?

Hello, I am 12 days post op after getting my tummy tuck. I have been pretty active, walking on the treadmill for 30 mins still day 5, dropping my son... READ MORE

Nerve Sensation and Severe Itching 14 Months Post Tummy Tuck is This Normal?

I had a tummy tuck 14 months ago and yesterday I woke up with a nerve or tingling sensation to the right side of my belly button. Today it has gotten... READ MORE

Burning/Tingling over 3 Years After Tummy Tuck?

Hello, I had a full tt with mr over 3 years ago. Recently I've been experiencing stinging, burning, and tingling from my belly button down, it's very... READ MORE

I have numbness, tingling, burning in leg after Tummy Tuck. Is this normal?

I had a tummy tuck over 10 months ago and I complained of numbness and a burning sensation in my leg. My surgeon brushed it off as if I was putting... READ MORE

IS it normal to have a numb or tingling thigh 2 weeks after a Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck?

Is it normal to have a numb thigh after a TT? Mine went numb at about week 2 and has never regained feeling. It is also like pins and needles when you... READ MORE

Have I damaged my tummy tuck procedure?

One week ago had a full tummy tuck. Went to a funeral today and was walking and standing a lot. I also banged into a wall quite hard. I now feel... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post tummy tuck and my stitches came off with my waterproof dressing after a shower today. Is this normal?

Only thing was most if not all of my stitches came off with the dressing, is this normal, should I be calling my Dr. My belly button dressing also did... READ MORE

Is this normal? does it look infected? (Photo)

I'm very worried about my belly button and surround skin.. I have been keeping he area clean and dry and the swelling has gone down but the dark... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty 2 Years Ago Now Tingling and Numbeness Could It Be Caused by Adhesions?

I had an abdominoplasty 2 years ago and about a month ago i started experiencing some tingling numbness and a pulling sensation is it possible that i... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post tummy tuck with lipo of full back and flanks. How long will this discomfort last? (Photo)

I am 6 weeks post op, Tummy tuck with lipo of full back and flanks. Whenever I take off my faja/compression garment, I get tightness and a tingling... READ MORE

Numbness and tingling in instep 3 weeks after full abdominoplasty.

Had abdominoplasty 3 weeks ago. Still don't walk straight. Having back pain and now developing numbness and tingling sensation in my right instep. READ MORE

I have tingling around navel 3 weeks post TT/muscle repair. I love my results but the feeling is making me crazy. What can I do?

I guess it's nerve damage but the feeling is very unpleasant. I have been prescribed Neuronin, Valium, and Lyrica and nothing helps so I stopped... READ MORE

3 day post op of TT burning sensation. Is this normal?

Is it normal to feel a burning sensation at the incision with some tingling? READ MORE

Week two-post tummy tuck surgery. I have tingling in my legs/feet at times, my insides are sore, and my tummy is somewhat hard.

My surgery was last week, and the first week was a breeze! This week, I'm feeling very sore as if the numbness is wearing off. My entire tummy has... READ MORE

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