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Still Spitting Stitches 7 Mths Post-op TT, is this Normal? (photo)

I have a small spot on my scar that is still spitting stitches/disolvable staples 7 mths out. I've had multiple ones removed and the spot is... READ MORE

How to Treat Spitting Sutures And/or Suture Granuloma when You Cant Get Back to the Surgeon? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op Full TT, flank lipo, BA/BL and very happy with results - unfortunately traveling M to F for work. How can I care for spitting... READ MORE

Worried About Tummy Tuck Internal Corset Stitching Sutures?

Hello, I experienced what's called spitting stitches with my breast lift and even had a small infection on one spot. My question is regarding the... READ MORE

Spitting Stiches Around Belly Button? (Photo)

My belly button has had a hard time healing. The skin where it is stitched has been opening and I have been told to do debridement and cleanse with... READ MORE

My tummy tuck incision is spitting stitches. What should I do? (Photo)

My doctor does not seem very concerned about it. I have consulted multiple times and have just been told I am spitting stitches. He does not plan an... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post op, spitting stitches. Any suggestions? (photos)

On my left side I am starting to have a lot of pain when I bend over mostly but also when I sit/stand. I believe I am spitting stitches again but I... READ MORE

This is what I'm concerned about with spitting stitches and the hole (Photo)

I'm adding pics. Treating with packing wound with silver sulf and gauze and 500mg keflex READ MORE

question about fascia

I had a full tummy tuck and hernia repair with biological mesh about 7 months ago. After going to see my PS because the tummy is still not flat and... READ MORE

Suture abscess, spitting stitches, infection after tummy tuck. Can this be fixed so I can go on with my life? (Photo)

Is there a surgical quick fix for suture abcess that has left open wound, spitting stitches and infection 5 weeks out from full tummy tuck? I am... READ MORE

After 3 weeks, my belly button was oozing and smelled. I was spitting stitches. How long after this will it heal? (Photo)

I am 3 weeks post of from a full TT. I noticed a small hole and a odor and oozing from the hole. I made an appt with my PS and he said it was... READ MORE

Pain after silver nitrate on hole caused from a spit stitch on TT incision. Normal for it to still be burning & hurting? (Photo)

Hole on TT incision was not healing after a stitch spit over 6 weeks ago. Doc made the hole a lot bigger and used a silver nitrate stick (it hurt like... READ MORE

What is this body ridding fat tissue or spitting sutures??? (photos)

5 week follow up yesterday he says body is breaking down tissue and it will get bigger then start to close i and husband see clear line in there but... READ MORE

I'm 7 1/2 wks post TT. Will the scarring and scar tissue decrease or is this something I should ask my PS to fix? (Photo)

Had a few opened areas (suture spitting) and a small superficial infection. The scaring in the center feel hard and bulging. READ MORE

Does this look like fat necrosis? (Photo)

I'm 4 weeks 3 days post op from having an abdominoplasty. I'm Having an issue with spitting stitches in one area however in the incision line above my... READ MORE

I am 2 weeks post tummy tuck. I am worried that my sutures are splitting. Is this normal? (Photo)

My silicone strip fell off this morning as my ps stated it would. I have a 2 inch section that the scab has fallen off and i am worried i am going to... READ MORE

Torn stitches after constipation, if I did what can I do?

I was very constipated, now after I use the bathroom a notice a pain on the middle of my tummy and I can feel the muscle more protrude on the area .... READ MORE

Should I cover the splitting sutures from my Tummy tuck?

I have 2 small holes and then it is sealed between them. if i leave the wound uncovered the oozing seems to dry up but then it starts splitting into... READ MORE

Could a sneeze pop my suture? (Photo)

A couple of days after my tummy tuck i sneezed and i tried to hold it in i felt tightness but i dont think i felt a pop! now i have a buldge like 3... READ MORE

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