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Pain in Right Quadrant Just Above TT Scar and Pain in Back 2 Wks Post-TT/lipo of Flanks...Is This Normal?

I had a full TT in addition to lipo of my flanks 2 wks ago on Nov. 16. My left side seems to be healing well, but I have a searing pain in my lower... READ MORE

I'm not sure if I'm on target for 3 months post op. I like my results but are my feelings normal?

I have a feeling of pins and needles sticking me in the upper abdomen. It's still sort of numb. There's a little pooch in the lower area. No real pain... READ MORE

Pins and needles in my legs - I had a full tummy tuck with lipo on September 15th.

On Sunday it started my legs mostly calfs and feet are randomly getting pins and needles. My legs do not appear to be swollen. I was told to walk... READ MORE

17 months post-op: all was good until some numbness came back.

Just recently part of my abdomen between my belly button and scar has recently gone numb as well as a piece on left hand side. Middle area has pins... READ MORE

I had a wound dehiscence after abdominal surgery. It started as a 9cm tunnel and is 6cm after 2 1/2 months of wound vac

2. How long can this take to heal? I am having excrushating pain in my abdomen feeling like burning and pins and needles what is causing this pain and... READ MORE

Is pain still a normal experience 5 weeks post op? Explained in question.

Hi, I'm 5wks PO. Full TT/muscle repair. I'm feeling a constant bruised type feeling from my ribs down to top of pubic area. If touched it feels like... READ MORE

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