Pins and needles in my legs - I had a full tummy tuck with lipo on September 15th.

On Sunday it started my legs mostly calfs and feet are randomly getting pins and needles. My legs do not appear to be swollen. I was told to walk every hour and I have done that. Except for bedtime. Yesterday and today I actually have been walking more. It has stayed more consisted . After I walk a while maybe 10 minutes it seems to settle down but as soon as I sit down it comes back. I am still wearing compression stockings. Is this normal?

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Post op pain

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I would say that is not the norm after tummy tuck.  You are right to be walking.  Your physician should evaluate if you have any other signs of DVT, because of its risk after tummy tuck.  Though, pins and needles is not a typical symptom of DVT.  

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