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Why is fluid leaking out of my belly button?

I'm on day 18 post op, been feeling ok pain are not as bad.  Both drainage came out 4 days ago. But now my belly button is leaking fluid.... READ MORE

Drainage Through Tummy Tuck Incision, Normal? (photo)

Hi I had a tummy tuck and pubic contouring done on Feb. 24th 2012 and my incision ended up getting infected. My Dr. put me on a stronger antibiotic... READ MORE

Now Leaking Fluid from my Belly Button After Belly Button Surgery After a Umbilical Hernia Repair? (photo)

My belly button now seems to be leaking fluid and is still bleeding. It is now two weeks after the operation. Actually after the operation I have... READ MORE

Leaking from Tummy Tuck Scar?

I had my tummy tuck 10 days ago & my doctor removed the drainage the day after surgery, he kept the scar covered for 1week then cleaned it with... READ MORE

Stabbing/Stinging/Burning pains inside my abdomen 4 weeks post tummy tuck - wondering why?

I have Pains above my scar inside that feel like burning/stinging/stabbing. More on the right side, then occasionally on the left. Often excruciating.... READ MORE

Need help with surgery wound: When will the leaking of fluids stop? (photos)

I clean it 3 times a day as directed by my doctor, i apply silver Sulfate, i had my SX about a month ago out of the us, (currently looking for a... READ MORE

Small hole in my incision is leaking pus. I'm three weeks post-op. What should I do?

Last night a small hole opened up in my incision, leaking blood and pus. I called my PS. He said it is probably a boil and needs to be cleaned with... READ MORE

Why is tummy tuck incision skin turning black and separating? (Photo)

I had my tummy tuck 3 and half weeks ago, just last week my skin started to separate and leak fluid. At first skin was grey and slowly it's turning... READ MORE

Leaking Heart Valve - Can I Have a Tummy Tuck?

I have a leaking heart valve and have been told by my GP that it is not serious. I want to have a tummy tuck and this obviously involves going under a... READ MORE

3 Months Post Tummy Tuck After 250lb Weight Loss: Incision Lines Now Leaking

At Week 3 Developed a Seroma, Had Jp Drain in Till Aout 2nd Month, with Lg Output 1000cc & up/24hrs. Never aspirated, but drain out about 3-4... READ MORE

Post Gallbladder Removal: Feeling Sick and Leakage from Inside Belly Button?

I had my gallbladder removed 2.5 months ago. My top three incisions healed very nicely but the incision at my belly button took forever to heal... READ MORE

Scabs on incision line after 31 day's post op Tummy Tuck. Is this normal?

Is this normal?  I have a few spots that have scabs on my incision line.  One of them....Directly below my belly button (where I'm swollen... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Leak Fluid (Not Drains) out of Your Vagina After TT and Smartlipo?

The fluid leaking is clear and comes out when I am laying down or standing up. READ MORE

Leaking from Bellybutton After Abdominoplasty, Should I be Worried?

Abdominoplasty 5 1/2 weeks ago in Mexico. Coming out of anesthesia I ripped the drain out. Replaced 4 hours later. 10 days after surgery the drain... READ MORE

Leaking fluids from incision line 8 weeks post op. Had infection wound stitched up, 5 days later started leaking.Is this normal?

Late April I had TT with Lipo of flanks and back. 9 days pst-opt drain bag was removed. 1 week after bag remove incision line opened to release fluid.... READ MORE

Will My Belly Button Infection Heal Properly 2 Weeks Post Op?

I had a tummy tuck two weeks ago. A few days ago I notice a opening in my belly button and its started to smell and leak brown fluid. I went back to... READ MORE

10 Wks Post Op Extended Tummy Tuck Incision Still Opened?

I am 10 wks post op and my incision right above my pubic area is still opened. Dr. Said it will heal up within two-three weeks, it's been two weeks... READ MORE

2 weeks post op with some leaking from my tummy tuck incision. Is this normal?

I had a TT with muscle repair 2 weeks ago. On day 10 PO I had my 2 drains removed. The last couple of days I have noticed small stains in my undies, I... READ MORE

It's Been 9 Years Since my Tummy Tuck & Still Leaking from Belly Button? (photo)

At times bloody, smelly, sometimes more or less. A month ago I went back to my doc. who found a stitch coming out of my belly button! He pulled 2"... READ MORE

Black Skin on Incision After Abdominoplasty?

I had abdominoplasty 3 months ago their has always been a small hole on the incision that has leaked clear and yellow fluid but over the last 2 days... READ MORE

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