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Why No Bending over After TT?

FIRST PLEASE NOTE an am doing what I'm told by my PS. I see so many moms who have FULL TT jump into cleaning house. I had FULL TT/BL/BA no lipo. I... READ MORE

Six Weeks After Tummy Tuck, Still Can't Stand Upright

Is been 6 weeks after i had a tummy tuck, I notice that during the morning I stand up normally, but my boddy tends to lean by the afternoon. how long... READ MORE

6 weeks PO and still bent over and in pain (Photo)

I will be 6 weeks PO this coming Tuesday... Am concerned that am not able to straighten my back yet, walking slow, bent over, swollen and in pain... READ MORE

Tummy tuck bending over and belly button stitches popped open. Advice?

I had a tt 2 weeks ago. 3 days ago on my check up the dr told me that my belly button stitches had popped open because i had not been walking bent... READ MORE

Three weeks after tummy tuck and still cannot walk straight?

It's been more than three weeks since my full tummy tuck and I still have a lot of tension on my lower abdomen. Especially after sitting I'm bent over... READ MORE

Saggy skin stomach - I have had a liposuction estimated 4 years ago. (photos)

They removed not very much fat from my stomach, because I was not overweight, but had stubborn fat there. Since then I was into sports, doing 4-5... READ MORE

Will constant bending at work ruin the results of my tummy tuck?

I am 6 wks post op from a mini tuck /lipo of my entire trunk and have been released to work. Until the earlier part of the 6th wk I have been... READ MORE

Why are patients bent over after Tummy Tuck? Is it the muscle repair or incision?

What causes patients to be bent over after a TT? Is it the muscle repair or removing the skin? Is it necessary to achieve a great result? READ MORE

Lots of loose skin when I bend. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi. I am a little over 1 year PO from a TT with MR. On the whole I'm relatively happy with my results although my flanks are still huge even though I... READ MORE

Is sagging and wrinkled skin, when I bend over, normal after TT? (Photo)

I am 12 wpo. Today while I was working out, I forgot a good look in the mirror of how my belly still hangs when I am bent over. I know I am not going... READ MORE

Burning pain when I bend over. Is this normal?

I am 8 weeks post op tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo. The past few days I have noticed a burning painful sensation. When I bend forward. It is only... READ MORE

What would you recommend to fix my stomach after having a large baby? (photo)

I am a five-one roughly 95lb woman who gave birth to a large baby. I know I have an umbilical hernia but I also have some loose skin around the navel,... READ MORE

10 days post op, any suggestions on walking & bend over?

Hello I had full tummy tuck brasilian technique 10 days ago and I cant stand straight. I have read that it usually last 3-5 days post op so I'm very... READ MORE

1 week post op tummy tuck & rectus abdominals plicated. Dr wants me to walk bent over. Back pain bad! Feel better erect.

1 week post op. Tummy tuck with rectus abdominals tightened. Dr.insists I walk bent over. My back is killing me! I have straightened up occasionally... READ MORE

Can I stand up straight one week post tummy tuck?

Hi there, I am one week post op from tummy tuck (and breast lift with augmentation), and can stand up straight without any problems, it this OK to do,... READ MORE

Tummy tuck 3 months on. Can anything be done to correct this excess flabby skin around my belly button? (Photo)

I had a TT on Jan 16th, without muscle repair as my Consultant said it wasn't needed. There's no doubt there's a massive improvement overall, but I... READ MORE

How did this scar happen - is this normal? (photo)

I was asleep off my pain meds the first week of surgery so I didn't do much activity unless I use the restroom and I was walking bent over the first... READ MORE

Post TT pain ( op June 4 ) triggers are carrying shopping bag/sitting perpendicular / bending down

Onset of pain @ week 12 post TT after did more strenuous walking than previously. Since have a lot of pain following the trigger activities described... READ MORE

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