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Pseudo-bursa? Procedure & Recovery. 8 Months Out From TT? (photo)

8 months out from a Tummy Tuck with about 12 needle aspirations for persistent seromas. Very uncomfortable scar tissue and my belly is distended 8"... READ MORE

Can the Aspiration of Seroma Done by a General Doctor?

I had TT out of country. My drain was removed on 9th day when it still had an out put of 50cc/24hrs. After a week, Now I can feel the waves of fluid.... READ MORE

No Drainage when Seroma Was Aspirated? (photo)

16 days PO TT/lipo to flanks I developed a seroma in my lower abdomen. I can move the fluid around when I press on it. I went to see my doc today and... READ MORE

How Often Should I Have my Seroma Aspirated? Every Few Days or on my Weekly Scheduled Appointment?

I had tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and inner thigh areas and breast augmentation. Seroma was aspirated on 2/18/13. I am noticing similar wave motion... READ MORE

Tummy tuck wound: Tiny hole with an open "tunnel" next to it, pus under skin; Cleaning inside with saline with a syringe myself?

Full TT 5 wks ago, had a seroma aspirated 3 times, looks like it's gone now. 2 wks ago a tiny hole opened in the incision and drained orange clear... READ MORE

Waterbed Effect Still Present After Doc Tried to Aspirate Abdomen and Came out Dry. Should I Worry?

I am almost four weeks post op now from tummy tuck.i had to see my PS partner beings my doc was out of town for the week. the doctor aspirated one... READ MORE

Reoccurring Seroma?

I am 49 years old and had a tummy tuck, lipo and hernia repair done on March 1, 2012. I almost immediately developed a seroma and after many months of... READ MORE

Surgery 2 days ago to remove pseudobursa and persistent seroma, quilt sutures with no drains and now accumulating fluid. (photo)

9 wks after TT and aspiration of persistent seroma for 3 weeks (of 9) I underwent surgery to remove pseudobursa with quilt sutures to close space and... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Swell Hell? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op after having a tummy tuck. I have been aspirated 4 times now and In total I have had 750ml of fluid drained from me. I just want... READ MORE

Tummy tuck seroma won't go away?

I've had a seroma since week two post tummy tuck , after several aspiration and putting the drains back in then treating it with antibiotics thru the... READ MORE

How Long is Too Long to Wait Seroma Aspiration?

I am 3 weeks post op of a mini abdominoplasty with liposuction I had a drain in for 2 weeks and it was pulled after putting out 30 ml a day for 2 days... READ MORE

SEROMA Continues to Persist?

I had tummy tuck with flank lipo. I developed a seroma 2 weeks PO. PS aspirated 20cc, 18cc, then 15cc (all in consecutive days). Last aspiration was... READ MORE

TT Incision Opening? (photo)

I had a TT & Lipo on 11/2 , drain removed 11/12, seroma aspirated 50cc on 11/16 and my incision opened on 11/15. PS said keep it clean and place... READ MORE

Had TT in Poland, Drains Taken Out, Developed Seroma, Aspirated, Now Intense Swelling? (photo)

I had my TT in Poland on 8 Feb 2013. Drains were taken out on day 2 and on day 4 I developed a lower abdomen Seroma around the Pubic area. I have... READ MORE

When Do You Stop Aspirating Seroma?

I developed a seroma 2 weeks post op TT. I was aspirated 4 times (each aspiration was less than 20cc) and then a seroma catheter was placed. It was in... READ MORE

My stomach is not flat after TT, will it stay this way? (Photo)

I'm almost 6 wks post-op. I had a TT,FBL and sculpting done in the DR. I am getting reg. massages, I wear my C.G and I have had liquid aspirated from... READ MORE

Hematoma After TT; I Think It's Getting Worse. Please Help.should I Continue to Wait It out or Try to Get It Aspirated?

I had a full avelar TT with water lipo of abs, bra area, flanks and hips on 8/14, I had a follow-up with my PS at 1 day post op and 8 day post op. I... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat fat necrosis and a seroma?

I had a Tummy Tuck with Liposuction 3 1/2 months ago i've been having problems. I had to go several times to my PS for aspiration of a seroma in my... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck - Pouch 10 Weeks PO? (photo)

Is this likely to flatten ? It was aspirated at 4 weeks and 8 weeks and there was a tiny bit of fluid but not much - surgeon wants to see me at 5... READ MORE

How long does it take for fluid to be absorbed following a TT?

I am 11 weeks post op full tt i had 70mls aspirated early on my surgeon advised me that body would absorb the fluid over time, how long does this... READ MORE

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