Dog Ears + Tummy Tuck Revision

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Tummy Tuck Revision to Fix Belly Button and Bulge?

I am 5 months post-op from Tummy Tuck, diastasis recti, and hernia repair. Not only do I look the same as I did pre-surgery, but now my belly button... READ MORE

Is There Pain After Having Dog Ears Fixed? If So How is It Treated?

I had a full tummy tuck in December of 2011. I have great results except I have a small dog ear on my left side. I'm having it removed tomorrow... READ MORE

Recovery After Dog Ear Removal?

Tummy tuck was done 7 months ago and been happy with it. Doctor recommended dog ear removal after 6 months post tummy tuck which I had yesterday plus... READ MORE

10 Week Post Op and Still Unsure About Result

FTT done 4/11 (by board certified dr). Also lipo to abs, hips, flanks. Prior to surgery I had uneven results from lipo work by non cert dr. That being... READ MORE

Can a 30 Min Tummy Tuck Revision Fix This?

I had mini tummy tuck 5 months ago. I still have a bulge above the scar, have dog ears and the scar is higher on one side than the other. Does this... READ MORE

Is my Scar Revision Swelling Normal?

I had a mini TT in 2009 and was un happy with how high the scar was and my dog ears. i recently had a scar revision/ dog ear revision where my PS cut... READ MORE

Are These Dog Ears After my 2nd Tummy Tuck Revision? (photo)

Hello Doctors, Looking at my photos can you say if I "still" have dogears? I had FTT w/mr 5+ years ago, I then had dogears removed cut off then I... READ MORE

Lypo and Dog Ear Correction or Full Revision? (photo)

I am looking for advice on how to correct this surgery. I am close to 6 months post op. I am at goal weight and have not gained or lost since surgery.... READ MORE

Would You Consider a Tummy Tuck Revision? (photo)

Full tummy tuck last year.. took 7 pounds of skin off my belly. I have dog ears and i still have a pooch above the scar and when i sit down my skin... READ MORE

Revision Tummy Tuck-Dog Ear, How long to fix again? (photo)

My Left side had a dog ear, and on March 1st my PS performed a small in office revision excising the dog ear on my Left side. As you can see from my... READ MORE

Need Feedback if I Need Full Revision or Just Lypo and Dog Ears Fixed?

I had full tummy tuck 4 months ago and am not happy with results. I feel like skin is too loose on the sides of abdomin and also I have dog ears on... READ MORE

Dog Ears/How Much? (photo)

I had a Tummy tuck 1 year ago in Mexico, i love my results but i have two small dog ears. I do not want to travel all the way back to Mexico to fix... READ MORE

I Need Tummy Tuck Revision?

I had full tummy tuck march 2011 and 3 weeks out I had a bad infection right in the middle of my scar my ps reopened it and cleaned it up then i had... READ MORE

Whats the down time for tummy tuck necrotic scar revision with minor dog ears? (Photo)

I do boxing with weight training as well as hip hop abs :) I'd like to know if I can continue to do them with a revision or if I'll have to take x... READ MORE

Recently had TT Revision to Lower Scarline and Remove Dog Ears, the scarline is higher, are these final results? (photo)

Had surgery 1.5 years ago that left me with "Dog Ears" and slightly higher scar ends on both sides. I recently had surgery to remove the dog ears and... READ MORE

Should I Lose Weight Before Dog Ear Revision?

I had a tummy tuck about 10 years ago and love it. I have dog ears though and since my surgeon was going to charge me to correct it, I just lived with... READ MORE

1. Would a revision work on me? 2. Should I allow the same PS do the revision? 3. Should I get a lawyer? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck done 3 months ago. The surgery was performed in office. Right after my surgery, I had a lot of bleeding and the surgeon came to my... READ MORE

2 years post-op, I have a dog ear to the left of the incision. Am I a candidate for a revised TT to lower the scar? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago. I'm unhappy as I have a dog ear on the left hand side of the incision with alot of pleating an puckered skin. Also the... READ MORE

3mo post extended abdominoplasy...still have a muffin top. What should I do to eliminate this excess skin on side? (photos)

Was told did not need to go all the way around. One of major complaints prior to surgery was muffin top. Did I get what I paid for or should it have... READ MORE

Do I need a 2nd tummy tuck revision?

I had a full TT with MR, HR and SmarLipo (350 cc off the flanks) on 06/19/2013 and a dog ear and SmartLipo (250 cc off the flanks) revision on... READ MORE

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