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Will Removing Threads 4 Years Post Thread Lift Cause Jowl to Sag?

I am having a neck lift done and have had a Thread Lift for 4 years now. My doctor wants to remove the threads in the neck and jowl area while doing... READ MORE

Will Removing the Barbed Threads Cause Tissue Damage?

Can you tell me something about potential tissue damage in the procedure of taking out the barbed threads? READ MORE

Removing the Threads from Thread Lift

How can the thread lift threads be removed? Can you pull them out or do they have to be removed with a facelift? READ MORE

Too Late to Remove Threads to Reverse Thread Lift Results?

I had a thread lift done three years ago and my right side is tighter than my left, giving me an unbalanced look. Would removing the threads give me a... READ MORE

Would Contour Thread Have to Be Removed for a Lifestyle Lift?

I have contour threads,put in 5 years ago.I now have a sagging jaw line.Would the threads have to be removed before this procedure? How long does this... READ MORE

Removal of PDO threads?

Please, I need advice. 2 weeks ago I had 4 PDO mezo-threads put into my cheek area. After swelling went down I can see the threads being partly... READ MORE

Should I Remove my Silhouette Lift After 6 Days of Insertion? Im Not Happy with the Result.

Im 40 yrs old guy. I did silhouette lift 6 days ago to correct my nasolibial line. But the result in not good. The surgeon pull too tight on one side... READ MORE

Thread Lifting Effect and Remaining over Life Time, is It Good to Take Them out or Let It Absorb Itself? (photo)

12 thread lifting over 2011 and 2012/informed it last 2-3 years, collagen produced around thread, no harm/absorption. over time I noticed the effect... READ MORE

Can silhouette thread be safely removed after 16 months? (Photo)

I had a silhouette lift 14 months ago and totally wasn't what I expected.It made my face so small and look old and mean.It developed unnatural dimples... READ MORE

Removal of thread lift after a month. Is it possible?

I'm 29 years old. I went to see a doctor for chin implant however he convinced me that doing thread lift will make my own chin look better. I didn't... READ MORE

Removal of fine contour threads after 3 months. Get I get these threads removed now?

I got Fine Contour threads 3 mnths back. This was a devastating experiencing.:( It made me look very fat around the nose and very ugly !! I was far... READ MORE

What are the risk to removd sutures from a suture lift via face lift incision or otherwise?

I had a suture/thread lift 6 months ago and I hate the result. I don't want another lift or a revision; I just want the sutures removed and my 'old... READ MORE

Can looped anchored threads be removed? (Photo)

I had a thread lift 5 years ago on lower face and neck.they are extremely uncomfortable and tight on right side of my face. They were multiple looped... READ MORE

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