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Removal of PDO threads?

Please, I need advice. 2 weeks ago I had 4 PDO mezo-threads put into my cheek area. After swelling went down I can see the threads being partly... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Fix a Dent on my Cheek After a Thread Lift Procedure? (photo)

I had a thread facial lift and botulinum toxin injections around my eyes (corner and under of the eyes) and masseter about one month ago abroad . My... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Cheek Suture Facelift: Where Needle/Thread Was Inserted is a Prominent Indention

Indentation has not gone down. Indention is close to nose/mouth area and makes it look as if my cheeks are permenantly smiling and it looks as if they... READ MORE

I have rippling after PDO thread lift, should I be concerned?

1 week ago I had 4 PDO barbed threads either side The swelling has now almost gone but I have rippling down both sides of my face, one cheek has a... READ MORE

PDO Thread Lift after cheek filler?

Hi I had some PDO threads about 5 months ago and recently had some cheek fillers to enhance the effect. I could actually do with some more threads put... READ MORE

How long to wait for a thread lift after Sculptra?

I was injected with too much Sculptra and now my face is very puffy and heavy. It will be a year next month. Will a thread lift or a suture lift help... READ MORE

Can you give me information about thread lifts?

Thread lifts around the cheeks an jowls an neck how successful are there ? READ MORE

PDO thread migration. Can I have this removed?

I had a thread lift in my cheek. 2 weeks ago. It is now settled near my chin. It looks to be coiling up as the days go on and sliding further down... READ MORE

PDO/Euro Thread Lift concerns: I want them in my lower face. (Photos)

I have been going to a popular nurse injector for Botox for 2+ years and have been very happy w/her work. She has started offering Euro Thread lifting... READ MORE

Bruising, swelling and bulges. Any suggestions?

Can someone please tell me how long it takes for swelling and bruising to go down after a PDO thread lift? Also, I have a bulge either side of my... READ MORE

I have acute pain and swelling after thread lift. Have I got an infection? (Photo)

After op .noticed 2 protruding knots under chin. DR then used a hook to hide them . Felt thread pulling thro my cheeks and saw doc holding thread. 3... READ MORE

Did threading today. I have an indent in my cheek. Will this go away? (Photo)

Did threading today I have an indent in my cheek will this go away naturally READ MORE

18 months post op of Thread Lift, why has my right cheek hollowed?

I had a silhouette tread lift 18 months ago, it was re tightened 7 months ago as it slackened. i have in the last 6 weeks started to hollow in front... READ MORE

Can cheek fat pad be repositioned to pre-suture lift position?

I had a suture thread lift 3 months ago and do not like the new position of my cheeks. Is it possible to have the cheek pad lowered to the position I... READ MORE

Bulge on both sides after thread lift. What should I do? (Photo)

I had thread lift on both cheeks to reduce acne scars. Its been six weeks now after surgery and there are two buldges on both sideburn (photos... READ MORE

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