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I'm 6 Weeks (On Thursday) out from my Medial Thigh Lift and I'm Still Having Some Swelling Issues. Is This Normal? (photo)

I recently had a medial thigh lift (July 25th) as well as a brachioplasty as stage 1 of a three-staged surgical process after being 4 years out from... READ MORE

Cellulitis After Thigh Lift/Lipo: Follow Up

I don't believe I worded my last question correctly. I did develop cellulitis and was put on stronger antibiotics two weeks ago which helped... READ MORE

Really Unattractive Scars, Swelling and Redness After Thigh Lift What Can I Do?

I had a thigh lift in Florida about 12 weeks ago. My right leg has a long, wide ugly scar. This suture line opened after the surgery. It makes me feel... READ MORE

Did my Ps Hit my Lymph Node?

My left leg is still sensitive and swollen from medial thigh lift with lipo on both legs. The right side is doing well and doesn't bother me. Swelling... READ MORE

How long will I have pain and swelling after thigh lift? (photo)

I had a medial thigh lift + lipo of my legs 5 days ago, and needed reoperation because of a hematoma the same night. Both my feets are swelling a lot,... READ MORE

I Had a Medial Thigh Lift on Sept.4th. (Groin) at What Point Will the Swelling Subside?

I can see the fatty rolls are gone but my thighs are pink on inside from rubbing when i walk. i feel like there are huge boulder rocks in each thigh.... READ MORE

Why won't my leg heal? Pending 2nd revision leg due to seroma, excessive swelling, leg leaking, & infections. Any ideas? (Photo)

Female, age 52, 200 lb w/l, great health, non-smoker. Hernia repair w/TT, leg & arm lift. Compression worn knees to elbows 24/7 for 8 wks. 3-4 wks... READ MORE

Additional Liposuction After Thigh Lift + Lipo

A month ago, I had lipo/thigh lift with poor results. Thus, my doctor went back in 2 weeks ago & did revision lipo to my thighs and other areas. I... READ MORE

I am still experiencing swelling 12 weeks post op vertical thigh lift and arm lift. Is this normal?

I had a vertical thigh lift, arm lift and breast lift 12 weeks ago. I am still wearing compression on the advice of my surgeon due to swelling. The... READ MORE

Is 9 Days Post Op Swelling Getting Worse Normal?

Had inner thigh lift + lipo. After finishing, dr noticed one of my legs became engorged, so had to open it back and clean up the excess bleeding and... READ MORE

Is there any effective treatment for long term swelling after a thigh lift? (Photo)

I had a long thigh lift 8. 22.14. Post op complications, both legs groin incision separate, reopen twice. My left leg ok, my right leg has a... READ MORE

Aspirated seroma returns...What should I do?

5 weeks post op had a 5cm cyst/seroma drained of 60cc of fluid. 4 days later it returned. Should I return to PS or make a trip to the ER? I'm now 6... READ MORE

Why is swelling after medial thigh lift different for every individual?

I have read reports online of some people who had no swelling at all after a thigh lift and stories of other people who have had massive swelling... READ MORE

Thigh lift and tummy tuck in the same surgery. My tummy scar closed and my left leg too, my right leg's scar opened up (Photo)

A peace of my skin poisoned and its removed, im waiting for the healing process of a skin to cover up this space left, my right leg is swelled more... READ MORE

Lower leg/ankle/foot swelling a year after thigh lift with liposuction. Is it permanent? (Photo)

I still have lower leg swelling that travels I to my ankle and foot a year after my medial thigh lift with liposuction. But only in the right leg, the... READ MORE

My question being how long before I notice results or for swelling to dissipate etc? (photo)

Gastric bypass 11 years ago and weighed 239 lbs, Lost 120 lbs. TT Feb 09. 3 weeks out medial thigh lift/posterior belt lipectomy. see no difference on... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with large dents on my hips and overall contour after thigh lift. Can I expect my dr to pay to fix it or do I?

I had a thigh lift done in 2012 after losing 130LBS I have leg swelling predominantly my right leg I am unhappy with the results of my thigh lift. I... READ MORE

I am experiencing a lot of edema in my feet and lower legs 2 months post op from a long thigh lift. Is this normal?

My right knee has a knot where it is inflamed, my left leg is now swelling too. I elevate my legs when I sit and lay down but after being on bedrest... READ MORE

Is there a way to know if the swelling is completely gone? (photo)

I had a medial thigh lift in the beginning of september. how do you know when the swelling is completely gone. I go about my daily activities but my... READ MORE

How long does lymphedema last after surgery? (Photo)

I had a medial thigh lift with lipo on 7/25/14, about a month after surgery I started experiencing swelling in my right leg and foot. My doctor kept... READ MORE

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