Compression Garment + Thigh Lift

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Should I Have Worn a Compression Garment After my Thigh Lift?

I had a TT and thigh lift 8 weeks ago. I went home from the hospital with a compression garment for my tummy but I was not told to wear one for my... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wear a Compression Garment After Thigh Lift?

Its been 8 weeks since thigh lift and 3 weeks since follow up liposuction how long is it necessary to wear the compression garment 24/7 i'm happy... READ MORE

1 Month Post Thigh Lift With Groin Incision. Necessary To Wear Garment? (photo)

I had a thigh lift, groin incision 4 weeks ago. Is it necessary to wear compression on that area from now on to avoid thigh from sagging again. READ MORE

I'm 3 wks post-op Medial & lateral thigh lift. Is there anything I can do to prevent the fluids collecting in my left thigh?

My Incisions healing nicely, but Dr had to take fluid out with needle twice already. After being drained, the next day, it is hard & full again.... READ MORE

Why won't my leg heal? Pending 2nd revision leg due to seroma, excessive swelling, leg leaking, & infections. Any ideas? (Photo)

Female, age 52, 200 lb w/l, great health, non-smoker. Hernia repair w/TT, leg & arm lift. Compression worn knees to elbows 24/7 for 8 wks. 3-4 wks... READ MORE

Is this normal after a thigh and buttock lift? (Photo)

I had a thigh and buttock lift 3 weeks ago. I was wondering if the scars that look like big ridges on my groin area are normal at this stage or is it... READ MORE

Massive swelling following medial thigh lift??

I had a thigh lift 2.5 weeks ago. My legs are massively swollen. I keep my legs elevated, still wearing the compression garment, taking Celebrex, and... READ MORE

I am still experiencing swelling 12 weeks post op vertical thigh lift and arm lift. Is this normal?

I had a vertical thigh lift, arm lift and breast lift 12 weeks ago. I am still wearing compression on the advice of my surgeon due to swelling. The... READ MORE

Aspirated seroma returns...What should I do?

5 weeks post op had a 5cm cyst/seroma drained of 60cc of fluid. 4 days later it returned. Should I return to PS or make a trip to the ER? I'm now 6... READ MORE

Compression Garments Following Posterior Body Lift/thigh Lift?

I am scheduled for flankoplasty with an inner thigh lift and lipo soon. My surgeon uses an abdominal binder immediately following this surgery as he... READ MORE

Severe swelling in legs, 6 months post op vertical thigh lift. Is it lymphedema? (photos)

I had a vertical thigh lift on January 7th of this year. I'm continuing to have severe swelling in both legs from my toes through out my calves. The... READ MORE

Is 3 wks after surgery too late to begin use of a compression garment and how long per day should I use the garment?

I had a leg & arm lift as well as liposuction. Both incissions are like a T scar. The compression garment was irritating & prolonging healing... READ MORE

I have a lot of drainage coming from open wound. What can be done about this? (Photos)

Thigh lift 2wks ago. I hv open area on both thighs. The one on left thigh is pretty large and draining really bad. The back of my thighs are hard. I... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Medial Thighplasty Wound Care? (photos)

I am a 57 yo Black female 3 weeks post medial thighplasty. My previous surgeries have left dark raised scars. I'd like to be proactive to assure a... READ MORE

Bumps under incision after surgery

I had a thigh lift about 8 weeks ago. I have become aware of two firm bumps (approx. 1inchx1inch) under the incision area near the knee on one leg. I... READ MORE

I had a bilateral inner thigh lift on /24 with no liposuction. My question concerns the compression bandages post surgery.

How long do I need to wear the bandages I was wrapped with post surgery? They are just ace bandages that have velcro on them that I re-wrap after... READ MORE

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