1 Week Post-op + Thigh Lift

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Thight lift disaster! Please read my post and help me. (Photo)

Thigh lift desaster. I need help! i'm 1 week po thigh lift,andhave open wounds on both legs.I can't stop cry,and i don't know what to do. My doctor... READ MORE

Will This New Dogear Go Away with Time? (photo)

I had a revision surgery using lipo and skin excision to correct dogears from a thigh lift. The incision is in the crease of the butt. But after the... READ MORE

How long will I have pain and swelling after thigh lift? (photo)

I had a medial thigh lift + lipo of my legs 5 days ago, and needed reoperation because of a hematoma the same night. Both my feets are swelling a lot,... READ MORE

6 days post op, a gap in my inner thigh lift incisions with a fluid that has a bad odor. Is this normal? (photos)

I had an inner thigh lift 9 days ago with no drains i noticed that the discharge stopped on day 3 but then on day 6 i saw an openeing in both my legs... READ MORE

Prognosis and how should my open wounds be treated from thigh lift surgery and what can I expect going forward? (Photo)

I am 7 days post op for medial thigh lift. Both sides opened up. How can this huge hole heal on its own. I am in a lot of pain. Doc prescribed... READ MORE

1 week post op of Thigh Lift, my thighs are swollen, hard, and painful. Is this normal?

Thighs swollen, hard and hurt. No infection per blood work. Cant even take all the staples out because of the pressure of swelling. They feel like... READ MORE

6 days post op Thigh Lift, one side is perfect: No pain, can move/bend my leg but the other side is problematic. Any suggestion?

I can't lift my L leg,stands straight or bend my body with out pain in the L groin area. I tried to look at my incisions to figure out what the prblm... READ MORE

Loose skin/ crease: Will skin on my butt and thighs ever look firm again? 5 days post-op.

Will crease that now extends under my butt ever shrink? (He didn't touch the banana roll). Had lateral thigh lipo 5 days ago. Tumescent lipo with... READ MORE

Is hardness of the thighs normal 8 days post inner thigh lift with horizontal incision? (Photo)

My thighs feel like the fat was sucked from them and replaced with cement. Thighs are very hard to the touch and kind of numb. Not red or hot to the... READ MORE

Blood clots time frame? How common are they really in your experience?

I see a lot of people have questions about blood clots. My question is in all your years of practice how many patients have you seen with either dvt... READ MORE

How long will to heal 3" X 1" X 2" deep cavity wound from dehisced incision one week after medial thigh lift?

JP drain stopped working and the incision dehisced. I understand why I am packing and agree with PS; but, I am looking online at suggestions of more... READ MORE

What is the difference in a medial thigh lift and an outer thigh lift?

I had loose skin from a prior lipo and wanted a tighter lifted appearance. My weight as always been stable but I just have the type of skin on my... READ MORE

After thighs lift, what can be used to reduce redness & inflamed tissue from walking and wiping?

Im 7 days from a thigh lift with horizontal ( crotch) & vertical incision Where the incisions meets in crotch its rubbed raw. the tissue is red and... READ MORE

Is this wound separation normal? I'm 7 days post op from a thigh lift/cruroplasty. (photo)

I'm wondering if this is a big wound separation. After major weightloss I needed a cruroplasty, now 7 days post op I have a big wound separation. Is... READ MORE

Is this wound infected? Mini thigh lift procedure. Groin 1 week post op (Photo)

Is it infected? Do i need to take anthibiotics? Im a week post op READ MORE

Vertical Medial Thigh lift 1 week post op complications/wound opening up.

Vertical medial thigh lift December 3rd. The night of surgery massive pain and swelling in left leg. dr told me to ice it and that seemed to make it... READ MORE

Blood blisters after thigh lift. What are they caused by? (Photo)

I am one week post op from thigh lift and notice 3-4 blood blisters....one has opened. What are they caused from. will they create scars when should... READ MORE

Inner thigh lift scar after 5 days? (Photos)

Hello I had an inner thigh lift 5 days ago and everything seemed fine until yesterday ,the area in my groing is turning red and im very scare thst it... READ MORE

Is my wound getting infected? (Photo)

Thigh lift 8 day post op. It hurts when i touch it and has a rock hard solid , what feels like a cyst... right next to it. My PS is not answering my... READ MORE

Extended thigh lift wound opening, please help! (Photo)

I had a inner thigh lift 8 days ago with no drains.I have been having redness on both thighs near the groin area for a couple of days .Two days ago... READ MORE

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