ThermiTight Videos

ThermiTight for Skin Tightening of the Face and Neck — See This Woman's Procedure

Dr. W. John Bullis explains this live surgical procedure to cause skin tightening of the chin, neck, and upper cheeks. Dr. Bullis performs the procedure while the patient is awake. VIEW NOW


Good Fat vs Bad Fat: Here's What You Should Know

Dr. Edward Dickerson presents several solutions to get rid of stubborn fat through weight loss, and surgical or non-surgical procedures. Dr. Dickerson also explains how fat transfer can be used to create fullness and contours for the face and body. VIEW NOW

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ThermiTight: Learn About Minimally Invasive Skin Tightening for the Face and Neck

Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky talks about ThermiTight and performs the treatment on this woman. See her results with before and after photos. VIEW NOW

Why Go Under the Knife — The Doctor Shares Exciting Advancements in Non-Surgical Procedures

Live from Vegas at ASAPS 2016, Dr. Adam Rubinstein answers questions about the latest non-surgical treatments for the face and body. VIEW NOW


ThermiTight: Learn How This Skin Tightening Treatment Works for the Neck and Jawline

Dr. Stacey Folk explains the minimally-invasive skin tightening procedure to address lax skin and fat deposits in the neck. This allows for direct heating of the deepest layers of the skin, using radio frequency. VIEW NOW

ThermiTight to Melt Fat and Tighten Skin at the Jawline — Watch the Doctor's Undergo the Procedure

Dr. Stacey Folk recently noticed loose skin and fullness at her neck and jawline. Now she's undergoing the procedure herself. Hear the doctor explain the procedure and her thoughts after treatment. VIEW NOW

ThermiTight to the Lower Face and Neck — Recovery and Results 1 Day Post-Op (Part 2)

Dr. Michael T. Somenek performed Thermitight on this woman. She describes her experience one day following treatment to her lower face and neck. VIEW NOW

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ThermiTight to the Lower Face and Neck — Learn What to Expect From Treatment (Part 1)

ThermiTight is a radiofrequency device that stimulates collagen by heating the undersurface of the skin. This leads to progressive skin tightening and overall improvement to loose skin. Dr. Michael T. Somenek explains this woman's procedure. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Non-Surgical Neck Tightening With ThermiTight

Dr. Michael T. Somenek explains Thermitight, a non-surgical procedure used to treat the lower face and neck area to produce overall skin tightening and increased collagen production. VIEW NOW

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My Neck Is Making Me Look Older, What Are My Options?

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Margaret Weiss answers questions about neck tightening and rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

ThermiTight: The Doctor Explains This Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Procedure

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Ronald Shelton explains Thermitight, a skin tightening procedure with minimal downtime. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Discusses These Big Developments in Dermatology

Dr. Morris Westfried gives us an update on the latest tattoo removal and fat reduction devices on the market. VIEW NOW

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Learn About ThermiTight for Non-Invasive Skin Tightening

Dr. Douglas Wu explains ThermiTight and what to expect, live from Chicago at ASDS 2015. VIEW NOW

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Body Contouring: The Doctor Shares the Newest Non-Surgical Technologies and Procedures

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman answers questions about body contouring. VIEW NOW