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Thermi RF tightening, how long will the swelling last?

Hi, I had a Thermi RF on my abdomen last week. I did it because I went to consult for cool sculpting and was told my issue was not fat but laxity of... READ MORE

How does a doctor guard against facial nerve damage in the thermitight procedure?

Several comments mention that the amount of heat used in this procedure is very high – what are the chances of things going wrong? I am actively l... READ MORE

What is the difference between Thermi Smooth, thermi Tight and thermiRF?

I am interested in one of these for facial tightening including eyes. Can't tell what is the difference between these. Also, is there something better... READ MORE

Will Thermi RF work for loose skin on the upper arms?

I am very thin and in shape but I have loose skin on my upper arms. Anything that you think will work to improve the skin tone. I was advised to use... READ MORE

8 days post op Thermitight under my chin. Should I still have this amount of swelling? (photos)

Should I still have this amount of swelling and should I apply heat to improve circulation. READ MORE

Did Thermitight ruin my neck? What happened? (Photo)

I was told by my PS I was a good candidate for Thermitight on my neck and I didn't need it on chin/ jowl area. I was swollen for over 2 weeks. I... READ MORE

How long does it take to get results with Thermitight?

Does the skin tighten right away? In order to prepare for social engagements afterwards would like to know when to expect results? READ MORE

Is ThermiBreast a good alternative to breast lift/ augmentation?

I had a breast reduction 11 years ago. I have gained and lost some weight leaving me with a bit of sag, and loss of volume, as well as stretch marks.... READ MORE

Is ThermiTight The Same As ThermiRF?

Could you please explain the difference between ThermiTight and ThermiRF, or is it the same thing? READ MORE

Thermitight vs. Ultherapy?

I'm 37 yro with pretty decent skin tone, but would like more definition around my jawline. Which procedure gives you better results? Do they stimulate... READ MORE

What are the differences between EndyMed Pro and ThermiTight? Which one's better for skin tightening under the chin/neck?

I had a face/neck lift - 4 years ago and still have loose skin under my chin/neck. I have been exploring both the Endymed Pro and the Thermitight.... READ MORE

ThermiTight: What is the downtime after treatment?

Is there any downtime after ThermiTight? Will one need to book any time off of work? READ MORE

Is ThermiTight an option to treat malar bags?

I am a 29 year old male with malar bags. I have had these bags for as long as I can remember, but they didn't become very noticeable to others until I... READ MORE

ThermiTight for minimal breast lift?

I would like a 3.5 CM breast lift, but being a topless dancer, I cannot deal with those terrible scars from a standard breast lift and I am really... READ MORE

ThermiTight RF. How long does swelling last after this procedure?

How long does swelling last after this procedure? I have also heard that you can experience numbness. Is this common, and if so, how long can it last.... READ MORE

ThermiTight: Are there any side effects?

Are there any common side effects after ThermiTight treatment such as swelling? Should one expect any pain post treatment? READ MORE

ThermiTight or a Mini-Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I would obviously love to avoid the TT scar but I don't want to waste my $ with mediocre results. ThermiRX has great reviews but still new. A surgeon... READ MORE

ThermiTight instead or lipo or tummy tuck? I want to address the back of my arms and my double chin.

My target areas I want to address cosmetically are back of arms My double chin. Really only noticable from a sideview My Stomach! I'm a new mom so I... READ MORE

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